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Summary: Webinar ECO Impact Learning Series -Digital Skills

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Our first speaker, Chris Pinkerton, worked with companies such as Google and Microsoft to help them understand their digital customers. Marketing today requires adapting to the modern consumer. Three key aspects of today’s consumer include changing demographics, technological adaptation and traditional media effectiveness. Facilitating people’s natural behaviour is imperative to reaching the modern consumer, integrating into their daily actions rather than requiring them to change to meet you.

Vincent Lam, the CEO of Matidor, emphasizes the importance of keeping track of environmental impact throughout projects. Matidor’s software can allow for this tracking in a user-friendly format.

Josh Kahan from Continual Energy speaks about industry leading HVAC and energy management technologies. Technology from companies such as Continual Energy can streamline a businesses energy optimization through advanced analytics and customized feedback.

ECO Canada Impact :Learning Series Webinar Bundle


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Talking Points

Adapting to the modern consumer: By 2025, an anticipated 50% of businesses will be run by millennials, who grew up with modern technology. Widespread usage of the smartphone has led to new habits regarding technology. Traditional forms of media are shifting, and some are leaving the market altogether.

The modern consumer: Information consumption is fragmented over a wide variety of streaming platforms. Awareness of the smartphone’s adaptation to habits of the modern consumer is critical. The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a rapid acceleration of digital adoption. Today’s consumer has a high expectation regarding immediacy of response, making speed of communication something every business should take seriously.

Marketing tactics in today’s world: Utilize voice search as 40% of all adults use it at least once a day. Live chat can aid in meeting the consumer’s expectation of constant availability of a business. Video marketing leads to greater content retention due to its increased sensory involvement. Social media can be approached in a way where business meets the consumer where they are.

Spreadsheets and data silos are costly: Mistakes within these forms of data organization are common and can cost businesses a lot of money, in addition to the amount of time required to search for/input information. Businesses can bypass these issues through usage of Matidor’s organizational software.

Energy optimization: Continual Energy offers a simulation software which allows for the optimization of energy and finances within a business through continual analytics and feedback. With Continual Energy, equipment is monitored and business owners are informed on what can be done to solve any issues regarding deficiencies in equipment function.

Technology being a prominent part of society today, it is critical for businesses to leverage its capabilities to effectively reach a consumer. New technologies from companies such as Matidor and Continual Energy can help eliminate the guesswork in organization and energy optimization.

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More webinars are available in this series.

This bundle is for professionals at all careers levels and for anyone looking to stay up to date on current environmental trends.

Click here to access our ECO learning series webinar bundle! We explore how Canada can transform environmental challenges into opportunities for sustainable economic growth. It includes the following technical webinars:

  • People, Planet, Profit – Finding the Balance (opening panel)
  • Growing Canada’s Blue Economy
  • Innovation in Canada’s Cleantech Sector
  • Climate Change Adaptation Strategies
  • The Road to Recovery can be Green – Economic Recovery in Canada
  • Futureproofing the Environmental Workforce
  • Digital Skills for Success
  • Canada’s Energy Transition – Where Tradition Meets Innovation

On January 28th ECO Canada hosts the Learning Series & Awards Gala, in recognition of individuals who are impacting the environmental workforce. Get your tickets and reserve your spot!




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