How to Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

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January 6, 2023

Click to access a practical list showing ways to reduce your carbon footprint at home, school, and the workplace.

6 Must-Have Tools In Your DIY Car Repair Kit

Umar Bajwa

May 24, 2022

Unfortunately, even after regular maintenance and changing of parts, cars are liable to break down. For instance, if your car breaks down in a rural area and you find no mechanic nearby then what would you do? 

BOC and Foton Mobility partner to speed up hydrogen bus development

Sustainability Matters

January 12, 2022

Gas and engineering company BOC, a subsidiary of Linde plc, and Foton Mobility have partnered to develop the hydrogen bus sector in Australia and New Zealand. The partnership will develop operational and commercial hydrogen bus models across the entire supply chain including production, storage and refuelling, right through to leasing arrangements and maintenance. The companies will develop


B-cycle battery recycling scheme

Sustainability Matters

December 22, 2021

The Battery Stewardship Council Australia’s public program B-cycle Scheme has been designed to ensure the responsible recycling of used batteries. 90% of Australia’s handheld batteries brought into the country end up in landfill. Any used batteries not recycled properly and safely can leach toxic chemicals into the environment, or even cause fires in the home when stored. The B-cycle


Think apartment-hunting is frustrating? Try doing it with an electric car.

Grist News

December 20, 2021

As the US switches to EVs, apartment-dwellers struggle to plug in.

Walking America’s car-centric hellscape

Grist News

December 14, 2021

Much of America isn’t built for walking. Alex Wolfe is doing it anyway.

EV chargers are coming to a highway near you

Grist News

December 9, 2021

Electric utilities are banding together to build a coast-to-coast car-charging network.

‘Sustainable aviation fuel’ is here, but still has miles to go

Grist News

December 6, 2021

United Airlines flew a plane on pure sustainable aviation fuel, but high costs and low supply are still problems.

Electric vehicles to help with Christmas deliveries

Sustainability Matters

December 1, 2021

Australia Post has welcomed the first of 20 electric trucks to its national delivery fleet, with three Fuso eCanters now delivering parcels to customers in Melbourne ahead of Christmas. The eCanter adds to Australia Post’s existing electric delivery fleet of more than 2100 electric delivery vehicles and 1400 electric bicycles, and follows the successful trial of the Daimler-developed truck in late


6 habits of highly effective climate-conscious travelers

Grist News

November 22, 2021

How to tread a little more lightly on your holiday journeys.