Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Specialty

What does sustainability mean in specialty businesses?

Speciality businesses can be focused on many things, from antiques to specialty gifts, flowers to tattoos. Even though the definition of sustainability slightly differs for each business, it generally refers to being considerate of the environment and communities around you while running your business.

What are some examples of sustainable specialties?

Antiques, gift baskets, reusable bags & totes, and specialty gifts are considered sustainable options and offer eco-friendly styles. Preferring antiques for your home decoration naturally results in having items with a long lifetime. Keeping the long term value of products and items in mind during the creation process will require putting the ultimate green and sustainable practices to use. Gift baskets and specialty gifts are seen as eco-friendly and sustainable alternatives for gift giving as they come with less plastic wrapping and focus more on using natural, raw materials in terms of packaging. Also, these kinds of gift ideas don’t directly serve consumerism but consider the needs and personality of the people you buy gifts for.

How can specialty businesses improve sustainability?

The ways to improve sustainability for specialty businesses differ remarkably depending on the services. For example, for specialty gifts, floral arrangements, and reusable bags & totes, sustainability is increased by opting for more natural materials that can last longer, and using seasonal local flowers for bouquet making. When it comes to tattoos, the main issue affecting sustainability would be the choice of ink and the management of medical waste. Since anything that comes into contact with bodily fluids is considered a biohazard, medical waste regulation is one of the top priorities for the tattoo business. Due to the biohazard status, the tattooing process requires single-use materials that cannot be recycled. Therefore, the option for biodegradable materials is one way to improve sustainability for tattoo artists and businesses.

Why should my business care about sustainable specialty businesses?

People tend to search for specialty businesses for specific reasons. They either want something precise or wish to purchase an item from a company that aligns with their values and lifestyle. Sustainability is not just a trend but is a lifestyle for many people worldwide. So if you are running a specialty business, regardless of your sector, sustainability should be one of your primary focuses. This way, you prove your business is environmentally friendly, your products are high quality and durable, and your services are non-toxic and non-hazardous.

How can Intengine help me with sustainable specialty businesses?

Intengine is a home for many experts who can help you to reach your sustainability goals in various industries. Regardless of your specialty area, you can easily find a suitable partner to assist you in getting on top of your sustainability game.