Supplier Management & Engagement Module is designed to enhance transparency and compliance within your supplier network. Efficient and prompt data collection is crucial for the generation of accurate and transparent reports. You can achieve this by utilizing our pre-built survey templates or customize your own to gather data from your suppliers.

Features (Differentiators)


  • Public Access Database:
  • Provides access to a public database.
  • Marketplace:
  • Developed for users to connect with eco-minded businesses.
  • Allows sharing of private and sensitive documents and information.
  • Individualized Private Network Tool:
  • Facilitates the creation of private networks by users.
  • Enables communication and sharing of important, private, and highly sensitive data.
  • Operates outside the public realm to prioritize privacy.

Connections (Connected Profiles)

  • The Connected Profile screen displays all public profile data for a business.
  • It includes additional private information shared exclusively with you.
  • For instance, if you've requested GHG reduction data, policies, plans, or social responsibility data from a connected business, it will be listed here.
  • This information supplements the existing public profile data.


  • Create multiple surveys for distribution within your network.
  • Flag a specific survey as your "Connection Survey," automatically requesting it from all connected businesses.
  • Develop additional surveys tailored for specific projects or lists, and send them to relevant members of your network.
  • Questions can be grouped into sections and then ordered and added from our master question bank, or as custom questions
  • Access reports on these surveys to view response data on individual profiles.
  • Aggregate responses for comprehensive reports on your entire supplier network.


  • Users have the ability to create projects to organize their suppliers, allowing tracking of location, start and end dates, project type, and other related data.
  • Projects function similarly to lists, allowing the addition of suppliers.
  • Specific surveys can be sent directly to project members for information requests related to the particular projects.
  • For instance, if a user is managing a construction project with specific requirements for certifications, insurance, union availability, or other regulations, suppliers on that project can be asked for documentation tailored to the project.
  • The project view page displays project data, documentation, survey responses, and other relevant information for that specific project, along with all existing suppliers added to the project.

Benefits (Opportunities)


  • Comprehensive Question Bank:
  • Massive list of questions
  • Tagged based on standards and categories
  • Further filter by keywords and/or tags (e.g., "ESRS," "GRI")
  • Customization option to include custom questions if needed
  • Industry Comparison:
  • Utilize questions to compare supply chain to industry standards
  • Incorporate data into anonymous, aggregate industry benchmarks

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