WEBINAR Environmental Career Journeys


December 1, 2021

Our webinar on Environmental Career Journeys includes presenters: Liz Waterfield, Hari Pemmaraju and Lora Amos-Terpstra. Each presenter realized their passion for the environment in different ways, but all of their journeys involved a moment in time where it became clear that this was where their future lay. 

WEBINAR The Future is Green Environmental Workforce Outlook Data and Insights 2020


November 25, 2021

Current trends which act to drive employment in the environmental sector include conversation surrounding climate change, regulatory changes, economic growth, increasing demand for green solutions amongst the public, schedule attractiveness and whether or not a license/certification is required for a particular job.

How ECO Canada Helped Heather Webb's Dream of Supporting Indigenous Communities Come true


November 25, 2021

Indigenous communities around Canada turn to the diverse team at Narratives Inc. to help them navigate the project-planning landscape, and Narratives turns to ECO Canada to help navigate the funding landscape.

Building Back a Better Canada Will Take Green Industries


November 8, 2021

Environmental workers are already prominent members of Canada’s workforce. According to the latest Labour Market Outlook to 2025 (March 2021) prepared by ECO Canada, environmental workers are present in every Canadian region, and industry, and in nearly every occupation. 

Learn How Employing Workers Skilled in Environmental Jobs will Accelerate your Success

Intengine's Writer Community

October 12, 2021

A passing glance at eco-friendly businesses with directories on Intengine demonstrates how the world’s workplace has embraced sustainable skills and best practices. New sustainable jobs needed to create this green workforce only underline that the future we need is being created as we move forward.   


WEBINAR Career Opportunities in Climate Change


October 1, 2021

The environmental workforce is classified in two streams; core environmental workers and the workers in the environmental goods & services sector, which includes anyone in the sector regardless of environment-specific capabilities. This webinar look at the career opportunities in climate change

WEBINAR Timeless Tips For Grads


September 9, 2021

In a competitive world, these tips for Job seekers and Grads of Environmental Science can help expedite the job search process and allow for the actualization of meaningful careers. The webinar is offered by ECO Canada.

Supporting Canada as a Global Leader in Environmental Workforce Solutions


August 12, 2021

For young Canadians interested in an environmental career, ECO Canada offers support through vital on-the-job work experience and skills training to help young Canadians get ahead in the environmental sectors by administering wage subsidies. The Youth Employment and Skills Strategy program.

Partnership supports next generation of sustainability leaders

Sustainability Matters

July 19, 2021

Enel Green Power Australia (EGPA) has partnered with Monash University to support the launch of its innovative and award-winning Green Steps program. A global leader in clean energy, EGPA is at the forefront of integrating innovative technologies into renewable energy plants. Green Steps offers transformative and practical sustainability training and consultancy projects for ambitious emerging


WEBINAR Sustainable Procurement: Purchasing the Future We Want


July 7, 2021

ECO Canada’s sustainable procurement webinar features Frances Edmonds - head of the sustainable impact at HP Canada, one of Canada’s most sustainable companies, and Amy Castor, a specialist at WWF- Canada, dedicated to protecting the environment have created this sustainable procurement workplace guide.