Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Real Estate

What does sustainability mean in housing?

Sustainability in housing aims to lower waste and maintenance requirements, use more reusable and recycled materials, and reduce environmental impacts. It includes all efforts toward these aims from initial creation to end of use.

Why is sustainability important in real estate?

The importance of sustainability in real estate is associated with cost as much as with environmental effects. Green buildings or even the buildings equipped with better-insulated walls, windows, and doors attract more people as they have lower operational costs.

How can you make a property sustainable?

You can start by measuring the environmental impact of your buildings. This doesn't have to be a professional or official measurement, but you can easily detect the areas in your home or property that cause you to use more energy. After noticing the areas, try to make small changes, for example, if you find out your window and door sills are not sealed perfectly and leaking heat, check out the market for better solutions. If you are building a property or adding an extension to your current one, you can opt for environmentally friendly and ethical materials.

What would an eco-friendly house have?

The eco-friendly house simply respects nature and uses resources carefully. Therefore, you can expect an eco-friendly home to meet its energy needs through renewable sources like solar energy. If this is not an option, it has to be equipped with the technology that allows the residents to be more conscious about their energy use and keep the energy need minimal with well-insulated walls or double-glazed windows. On the other hand, modern equipment like low-flow toilets is another thing that you can come across in environmentally friendly houses. You can also decorate your home in an eco-friendly way by choosing natural wood furniture, second-hand and recycled supplies as much as possible,

What are the challenges of investing in more sustainable buildings?

One of the biggest challenges of sustainable buildings is their intensive initial cost and the need for investors. However, investing in sustainable building carries its challenges for investors too. Inadequate development strategies, lack of technical expertise in implementing green buildings, and an inability to make a straightforward construction plan are the main questions for green investors in the real estate sector.

What is the climate impact of the real estate industry?

Climate changes affect the real estate industry in various areas. While people experience more extreme weather, mortgage and rental rates show an increase in areas that are prone to severe weather. In the same way, buildings, where the residents struggle to keep warm during winter and cool down during summer months, become less attractive in the market.

Why should my business care about sustainable real estate development?

With the increasing popularity of sustainability in the real estate industry, sustainable real estate development will soon be the new norm in the industry. Ensure that your business jumps on the train before it is too late. Sustainable properties are almost equal to higher premium rental and selling rates, so it is a great time to increase the value of your business.

Why should the real estate industry care about sustainability?

It is widely known that renting or buying sustainable properties is more economical in the long run with lower energy costs. That’s why sustainable properties are getting more and more popular and the rental and purchasing rates of these properties are increasing. All of these facts show that the real estate industry is starting to divert towards more sustainable practices, while sustainability is getting more desirable in the industry.

How can Intengine help my business with sustainable housing?

Intengine can ensure that the building you are planning to invest in follows the certified eco-friendly directories. Alternatively, by finding the right sustainable partners from its directory, you can get help from Intengine while building your own eco-friendly home or office.