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Whether intrinsically motivated or guided by government, businesses are investing more time and funds to improve their environmental standing. Some of these ventures involve a single switch, while others look to drastically improve operations by restructuring the whole system. While this can seem daunting, it also opens up more opportunity to improve. Every aspect of industrial growth is being put to the test and revolutionized to meet the demands of the people and the limitations of the planet. With the advent of bioplastics and other materials, businesses have more options than ever before when considering their grand opening or upcoming renovations. Solutions are abundant and Intengine brings them closer to fruition. From replacing single-use plastics with biodegradable alternatives to conducting environmental chemistry studies, no rock is left unturned along the path to a greener future. 

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MTL Consulting Inc.

1 Review

332 Fifth Street
New Westminster, British Columbia
Canada V3L2X4
(604) 786-6956

Project Management for ERP and CMMS software implementations

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Categories: IT Services, Mining

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1188 Union, Inc.

1188 Avenue Union bureau 100
Montreal, Quebec
Canada H3B 0E5
(514) 360-1188

Service Provider

Categories: Other

4X8 Workshop Inc.

400 Jefferson Street
Brooklyn, New York
USA 11237
(347) 405-7800

Service Provider

Categories: Other