Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Office Equipment & Supplies

What is sustainable office supply, and what does sustainability mean in the workplace?

Sustainability in the workplace is a general and comprehensive term that includes every item used in an office setting, energy use, and regular office practices. To ensure your office is sustainable, you should consider switching your office supplies with more environmentally friendly options and increasing the energy-saving working habits among your employees. Regarding sustainable office supplies, you can think about anything and everything you use in the office, from desks to notepads, printer ink, paper, pens, and pencils. For these, you can find many environmentally friendly options produced using recycled materials and with minimal energy use.

How can an office be more eco-friendly?

You can make any office eco-friendly with little changes, and you don't have to do everything in one go. Start with increasing the awareness of energy-saving strategies, turning off unnecessary lighting, and dimming computer screens. Even if it is a bit more subtle and overlooked, data storage is a big part of eco-friendly offices. Educating your employees on reducing e-waste also contributes to your sustainability efforts. In addition, you can always opt for environmentally friendly office furniture, recyclable office supplies, and so on.

Why are sustainable office equipment and supplies important?

Sustainable office supplies are produced so that their production process is not as harmful to the environment as the non-sustainable ones. Therefore, sustainable office equipment can reduce your company's overall carbon footprint and create a greener working culture with less waste. Items made from sustainable materials also prove to have a much longer lifecycle. This means they don’t end up in a landfill in a short time, and you don't need to make another purchase to replace them every couple of years.

What is the future of sustainable stationery products?

Sustainable stationery products are set to be one of the future trends. They include recycled stationery, and paper made from alternative waste products sources. However, it seems like the product market is growing and hasn't reached maturity. This could be an excellent chance for businesses to be the leaders of the significant change in more sustainable and environmentally sustainable offices.

Is a sustainable workplace beneficial? Why should my business care about sustainable office supplies and equipment?

A sustainable workplace is beneficial in every aspect. Reducing the adverse effect on the environment by making greener choices is the obvious outcome; however, creating a domino effect among your employees, changing their daily habits, and their positive influences on families and friends can start with the small changes you make in your workplace. On top of these long-lasting office products, energy-saving strategies will also help reduce your company's costs.

How can Intengine help my business create a sustainable workspace?

Intengine offers a wide range of businesses that can help you improve your office's sustainability. No matter where you start, you can find a business that can advise you on the best sustainable office solutions on Intengine's directory.