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Intengine is seeking freelance writers to help bring our sustainability awareness mission to life.

Consumers look to credible authorities to make their buying choices. If you are an authority in your field, have the ability to convey information with conviction, or you have a deep passion for sustainability please consider joining Intengine's roster of writers.

By joining our roster, you can:

  • Grow your audience. Intengine’s database attracts thousands of unique visitors every month and is continually growing.
  • Publish the content you want to share. Our platform gives you flexibility, enabling you to use Intengine as a platform for great exposure and increased opportunity.
  • Share your passion for sustainable business. Every voice that joins Intengine is another building block in creating positive and informed change.

Nearly two-thirds of consumers across six international markets believe they "have a responsibility to purchase products that are good for the environment and society."

Source: 2016, Harvard Business Review The Comprehensive Business Case for Sustainability

Become an Intengine Writer

The process to being approved is simple.

  • Create your Intengine account as a writer.
  • Submit writing samples that we assess for: industry expertise, suitability of voice and tone, writing quality, and integrity.
  • If approved, you will receive an email notification announcing your writer's account is active from your Intengine profile.

And remember, as long as your content serves the primary purpose of educating our audience on environmental and/or social sustainability, you have the flexibility to publish what you want, when you want, and you retain the copyright to all of your content.

Writer Guidelines

  • Please include a list of sources at the bottom of your article. 
  • We review every article on Intengine. Please submit in English.
  • Your attention to correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, and sentence capitalization is appreciated.
  • We do not edit your articles but may reach out to validate information before featuring them.
  • Respect is a founding value at Intengine. While we support well-thought-out opinions, we will not allow hateful statements in any article.
  • Intengine only supports original articles and summaries. If we discover your article is copied from another site we will take it down.
  • A summary of relevant and authoritative content posted elsewhere is accepted and appreciated. Simply choose the best attributes and provide an originally-written summary. Make sure you reference the original source.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to our community of industry shapers and leaders.

We Feature Articles That:

  • Are first-hand accounts from leaders in their field,
  • Provide research-backed editorials,
  • Introduce timeless innovations and thought leaders,
  • Are based on an authoritative expert in their field and includes the original sources,
  • Respects our global audience,
  • Discloses paid editorials,
  • Covers a timely topic with insightful facts,
  • Links to an Intengine resource as applicable.

To support your efforts we recommend reading Become a Trusted Sustainability Source.

Featured articles get priority placement, are circulated on our social platforms, and are referenced in future articles. Writer guidelines are detailed above.

Every post is considered for our feature program. We look forward to your submissions. 

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