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We only accept posts directly supporting sustainable, environmental, or eco-friendly businesses, products, or topics.

Check out the guidelines below and, if you think you're a good fit, fill out the Guest Blogger Application.

Guest Blogging Guidelines

Please read the following guidelines very carefully. If you pitch a topic that isn't relevant to our readers, your application will be ignored.

By applying to be a guest writer, you agree to the following guest post guidelines.

  • Content

    Your content must serve the primary purpose of educating our audience on environmental and/or social sustainability. Content on the Intengine blog falls into various categories. We have a comprehensive list of categories across all industry sectors. See the complete list of these and other subcategories: Intengine Directory Categorie

    In keeping with our relationships with our members and supporters, our blog has a particular tone, approach and priorities.

    Not all topics will be a good fit - please read current posts and articles to see what we're looking for.

    Content Criteria is as follows;

    • Your content will serve our audience by educating them on environmental or social sustainability supported with relevant links and details.
    • You are a native English speaker (or write extremely well in American English) and have some expertise and authority in the written subject.
    • You will provide a 50-word author bio in your application, including your credentials, company name, and a link to your website and LinkedIn Profile.
    • You agree only to post original content unique to our site that educates on environmental or social sustainability. You may post originally written summaries of content posted elsewhere.
    • Submitted content becomes the property of You may use it in print applications, but it may not appear in its entirety online. Excerpts and quotes may be pulled from the content.
    • We recommend articles be at least 500-1000 words - but longer or shorter ones will be considered.
    • Guest posts are not guaranteed to be posted permanently on our site and may be removed at any time at our discretion.
    • Once Intengine have agreed to publish your post, we ask that you don't publish it anywhere else online, including on your own website or blog, for at least six months. You are both welcome and encouraged to reprint an excerpt from the article along with a link back to this blog.
    • You retain the copyright to all of your content and Intengine has an unlimited license to publish.
  • Author Resource Box

    Please provide a brief bio, which will appear at the end of your post. Your name will link to your website or blog, and you are welcome to include links to your social media profiles as well. Links within your bio are not permitted.

  • Internal Links

    We may add links from your post to our content where appropriate.

  • External Links

    Links to commercial sites (those selling products or services) are not permitted, with one exception: a writer whose blog topic has been approved by Intengine may provide a single link to his or her own web site — even if it sells products or services. This link will generally be provided as part of the writer's bio, and not in the body of the post.

    You can provide 1 or 2 outbound links in your content to well-known, authoritative websites that directly support the content discussed, even if that authoritative source is a relevant article from your website.

    • Leave links to your website homepage to your bio. Internal links in the body of your article must support the content, expanding on the paragraph topics.
    • Anchor Text (the words that contain the link) should tell the reader where they are being taken. Example: Don't say: "read the NY Times article here." Say: "Click to learn more about [topic]."
    • Be fully transparent by including your sources and citations.
    • Intengine reserves the right to remove excessive links or any links that appear spammy.
    • We do not accept link insertion to our existing content.
  • Editing

    All guest posts must be grammatically correct and free of spelling errors. We reserve the right to edit your blog submission for spelling, grammar, content, length etc. If we feel any substantial revisions are needed, we will discuss these with you.

    Intengine reserves the right to edit, truncate, modify or append any article submitted for posting but will contact you if required edits change the intent.

    Once your finished blog post has been sent to us, it will be reviewed internally - this may take up to one month before a completed post is published, depending on our content calendar.

  • Images

    • Your bio headshot has a minimum requirement of 72 dpi and 700 pixels wide. Format: GIF, JPG, PNG.
    • All posts on Your Organizing Business include a horizontal image between the introductory paragraph and the main article. If you have something suitable, please feel free to send it along. Additional images may be included if they are directly relevant to the article content.
    • If you're including pictures of people, please make sure you have their permission to use them.
  • These article topics excite our global audience:

    • First-hand accounts from leaders in their field.
    • Research-backed editorials, report summaries, and resources.
    • Introductions to timeless environmental innovations, authoritative experts in their field, and thought leaders.
    • Articles that cover a timely environmental or socially sustainable topic with insightful facts.
    • Links to relevant Intengine resources and directory listings.
    • Content collaborations with our team.
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