Sustainable Energy for Drying

Ahmad Addictors

April 27, 2022

Food drying has been practiced for centuries, but traditional methods such as air drying or other unimproved processes must now be replaced by modern solar drying techniques in order to meet market standards.


mCloud Technologies Corp. Offers Software Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Intengine | the engine for good

April 11, 2022

Over the last two decades, Allana Black has witnessed the progression of a more sustainable mindset, along with more environmentally conscious solutions being implemented in the oil and gas sector. Her desire to share these innovations within the oil and gas sector—and beyond—is what led Black to pivot her career to focus on Environmental and Social Governance (ESG), and technology. 


How to Conserve Energy 100 Tips to Save on Electricity at Home

Intengine's Writer Community

October 21, 2021

Looking for ways to conserve energy? Learn 100+ ways to help reduce wasted energy without impacting your lifestyle at home 

Efficient electrocatalyst produces hydrogen from water

Sustainability Matters

September 19, 2021

Curtin University researchers claim to have identified a new, cheaper and more efficient electrocatalyst to make green hydrogen from water that could one day open new avenues for large-scale clean energy production. Typically, scientists have been using precious metal catalysts, such as platinum, to accelerate the reaction to break water into hydrogen and oxygen. The Curtin researchers found that


LA County moves to ban oil and gas drilling

Grist News

September 17, 2021

A unanimous vote from the county’s supervisors means L.A. County could become first in the nation to phase out existing oil wells.

Heliostat technology shifts sunlight to the streets below

Sustainability Matters

September 16, 2021

The glittering golden jewel that crowns Billbergia’s 39-storey tower at Rhodes Central in Sydney’s Inner West is much more than an eye-catching architectural feature. The 27-m-high structure that crowns the building is a piece of world-leading technology that could place Australia firmly at the forefront of solar-related innovation. The heliostat — from ‘helios’


Food waste could be converted into batteries

Sustainability Matters

September 15, 2021

As the world works toward economically and environmentally friendly ways to power the devices that people use daily, two US researchers are investigating how food waste and its associated biomass can be converted into rechargeable batteries. There is a heavy reliance on graphite — a limited resource — to make battery anodes, the negative terminals on batteries. Demand for reusable batteries


Energy from Waste Infrastructure Plan in NSW

Sustainability Matters

September 14, 2021

The NSW Government has released the Energy from Waste Infrastructure Plan, which outlines the planning considerations for future energy-from-waste infrastructure in the state. The plan is designed to ensure waste infrastructure is located in precincts most suitable for managing the state’s residual waste and also protects air quality for communities. Cleanaway noted that the new plan limits the


Global windfarm installations expected to surge after COVID drop, says report

Grist News

September 13, 2021

Offshore energy boom in China will grow world’s windfarm capacity by more than 12 gigawatts in 2021.

For a livable future, 60% of oil and gas must stay in the ground

Grist News

September 8, 2021

And 90% of coal must remain buried, according to a new study.