Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Apparel, Textiles & Accessories

What does sustainability mean in clothing?

Sustainability in clothing refers to consideration of the environment, people, and communities. The environmental aspect of sustainable clothing is mostly about choosing eco-friendly materials with minimal environmental effects, from raw material creation, the use of non-toxic dyes, to processing and manufacturing while producing clothing items using renewable energy sources. However, having good quality, long-lasting clothing items are also part of sustainability in clothing as high-quality, durable items naturally reduce the need for new items hence reducing the level of consumption. Additionally, sustainability in clothing also requires fair and safe working conditions for people in the industry without disrupting communities.

What are examples of sustainable clothing?

The first things that comes to mind when discussing sustainable clothing examples are the clothing items made using bamboo, industrial hemp, silk, cotton, linen and many other sustainable fabric options. However, there are many routes to sustainable clothing, such as opting for second-hand clothing, swapping, sharing, thrifting, and renting fashion items over buying brand-new ones. Sustainable clothing is not only about the materials used but also about lowering consumption by changing clothing habits.

What does sustainable fashion mean?

Sustainable fashion describes industry players' products, processes, and activities to achieve carbon-neutral production. However, sustainable fashion is concerned with more than just addressing sustainable, eco-friendly fabrics but also creating awareness and understanding of the reasons for choosing quality over quantity and increasing the life cycle of the products by donating, swapping, and thrifting.

What is the most sustainable type of clothing?

The most sustainable type of clothing is way more complex than opting for a particular fabric and material. It is more about knowing the paths that a clothing item follows before reaching your wardrobe. Can you call a pure cotton clothing item sustainable just because it is fashionable and worn once? Sustainability of any clothing item is more related to its usage and functionality. The longer the life cycle of a clothing item, the more sustainable it is.

What are the top trends in sustainable fashion?

Sustainable fashion is getting increasingly popular, which is a good sign. Thrift fashion, second-hand, and vintage clothes are gaining more popularity, and the growing trend of minimalism brings awareness to high-quality items. Meanwhile, crafty-handed consumers are getting their hands on various recycling and upcycling clothing projects.

What does textile sustainability mean?

Sustainable textiles refers to the clothing materials produced using eco-friendly fabric, which means that the fibre crop is used to sustain the fabric. The term textiles sustainability is also used for recycled materials that are repurposed to create different clothing items or something else entirely.

How can we make clothing sustainable?

The first rule for sustainable clothing is buying less and making purchases driven by needs and necessities. Opting for sustainable brands, choosing better quality items, and repurposing old clothes or donating them are other ways to help make clothing more sustainable.

Why is sustainability important in the fashion industry?

Increasing awareness of sustainable clothing can transform the fashion industry entirely. Sustainable fashion protects the environment and lowers consumerism, forcing industry players to be more ethical and fair.

Why is sustainability important in apparel manufacturing?

Sustainable practices allow the fashion industry to reduce its carbon footprint, build brand loyalty among consumers and increase revenue through selling better quality products.

Why should my business care about sustainable Apparel, Textiles, and Accessories?

Sustainability in apparel textiles and accessories is a new trend, and if you are in the business, you must jump on the bandwagon. Otherwise, your brand may be deemed outdated, which could result in losing customers. Whatever industry you are in, it is always a good idea to care about the sustainability of the textile products you purchase for your business. Being on the right side of the story will always help you grow your business as you show that your values align with your customers.

How can Intengine help my business with sustainable Apparel, Textiles, and Accessories?

Regardless of the industry, you can get in touch with various sustainable apparel, textiles, and accessories suppliers on Intengine's business directory for your needs. Suppose you are in the fashion sector and need consultancy to run your business sustainably. In that case, you can check out Intengine's blog for more tips and get in touch with industry experts on sustainability.