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The expression “you are what you eat” has taken on new meaning in our environmentally conscious society. A growing portion of the population is making food decisions based not only on taste, quality, and nutrition, but on how the production and delivery of those goods impact our planet, with the choice to eat sustainably becoming an important part of identity for these individuals. Unfortunately, confusion surrounding green labelling, certifications, and auditing within the sustainable food and beverage industry can make it difficult to act on our best intentions and often leads to disillusionment amongst consumers. Intengine helps to solve this problem by providing the most complete database and background source on the world’s certification agencies, allowing users to sort through the countless organic food, non-GMO and other accreditations to decide which are most relevant to his or her needs and beliefs. Intengine also offers a rich platform for sustainable food producers and vendors to tell their stories and for conscientious individuals to do their research on these progressive providers. From the beans in our morning coffee to the produce and protein on our dinner table, we can make a difference with every item we consume – let Intengine help you on this worthwhile journey!

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Natural K9 Diet

3210 SW Marine Drive
Vancouver, British Columbia
Canada V6N 3Y6
(778) 898-3647

A healthy and low carbon footprint dog food


Categories: Pet Food

Sweet Sushi

262 Marlee Avenue
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M6B 1N6
(416) 988-7403

Sweet Sushi Inc.

Distributor/Wholesaler, Manufacturer/Supplier, Producer

Categories: Beverages, Desserts & Sweets

Winnipeg Speciality Meats

1865 Sargent Avenue
Winnipeg, Manitoba
Canada R3H 0E4
(204) 430-2253

Winnipeg Specialty Meats is a company focused on everything meat and specializing on manitoba beef, bison, venison, elk, rabbit, goat, lamb, duck, veal, and game sausage based out of 1865 Sargent Ave, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Categories: Food, Gift Baskets, Meat

Wolfpack Packaging INC

402 Mulock Drive
Newmarket, Ontario
Canada L3Y8W1
(416) 275-4490

Manufacturer and Distributor of Sustainable Packaging Products

Distributor/Wholesaler, Importer/Exporter, Manufacturer/Supplier, Producer

Certifications: Compostable: Biodegradable Products Institute Label, USDA Certified BioBased

Categories: Beer & Breweries, Computers & Electronics Packaging, Custom Packaging Solutions, Equipment Parts Packaging, Food & Beverage Packaging, Food Delivery Packaging, Packaging Materials & Equipment, Retail & Display

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Mai Vino

415 Madison Avenue
New York, New York
USA 10017
+1 (929) 260-2791


Categories: Wine

S&S Cafeterias

Knox Plaza, 4808 Kingston Pike
Knoxville, Tennessee
USA 37919
(865) 640-7000

Service Provider

Categories: Food

100 Montaditos

13440 SW 120th Street, #608
Miami, Florida
USA 33186
+341 (305) 971-9690

Service Provider

Categories: Food

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Food & Beverage

What is sustainability in the food service industry?

Sustainability in the food service industry is a highly comprehensive concept that includes the whole journey of the plate of food served to you at a restaurant. This journey starts at the land where the vegetable crops grow that are used in your food. How the ingredients grow, the energy used, and how they transport to the store are just some factors regarding the eco-friendly food service industry. Of course, it also includes the food preparation, the energy used during the preparation, and waste management.

Why is sustainability important in the food and beverage industry?

The food and beverage industry is undeniably one of the most crucial industries as it serves essential human needs worldwide. Therefore, it is vital for companies and customers alike that the sector does not produce just enough for us today but for future generations too. Focusing on sustainable food practices ensures that humankind meets eating and drinking needs for the time to come.

What makes food products sustainable?

Food products are considered sustainable only if the production method and systems used are non-polluting and rely on renewable energy and natural resources which are economically efficient. On the other hand, the production must take into consideration the rights and safety of workers, communities, and customers.

What is the future of sustainability in the food service industry?

Sustainability is becoming more of a common practice in the food service industry. You can bet that in the future, we won't be talking about sustainability in this sector as something new, but it'll become what is considered normal.

Why should my business care about sustainable food and beverage?

Various research has proven that people increasingly care more about the environment. So much so that Gen Z got the nickname of the 'sustainability generation,' as they are leading the way in sustainability in every sector. This means that a core target audience is taking the lead in sustainable food and beverage.

Need we say more about why your business should care about sustainability?

Additionally, there is nothing better than being part of something bigger than yourself and contributing to the change.

How can Intengine help my business with sustainable food and beverage?

Understanding the importance of sustainability in the food service and being willing to embed it in your business is excellent, but we can see where things can get complicated. If you feel like you are lost among certifications, green labels, and don't want to make the wrong choice to jeopardize your brand, Intengine is here for you! You can pick one of Intengine's trustworthy partners to ensure your sustainability efforts are on the right path. You can also follow the latest eco-friendly trends in the food and beverage sector on the Intengine blog.