We are committed to fostering, measuring, and improving our social and/or environmental performance.

Why is making The Pledge important?

Research suggests that people who take a pledge are more likely to act on their good intentions. Our user feedback validates that consumers and companies alike prefer to work with companies that have made a commitment. It’s the focus of consumers today — they want companies to make a positive impact.

90% of consumers want to support companies that benefit society and the environment. Learn more about who you’re doing business with.

Source: Cone Communications CSR Study

The Pledge is about progression - not perfection.

Our members have varying levels of commitment; however, the most important thing is that they are all committed to improving where they’re at right now. Sustainability is a moving target, and we’re all evolving to become better.

What are these companies pledging?

Members who show The Pledge are telling you that they have committed to foster, measure, and improve their social and/or environmental performance. A study indicates that actions taken to improve commitment are effective in encouraging environmentally friendly behaviour. The majority of socially-conscious consumers identified environmental sustainability as a cause companies should support.

87% of consumers say they would make a purchase because the company advocated for an issue they cared about. Intengine provides a platform for businesses to commit, communicate, and measure what they are doing to provide more responsible purchasing options.

Source: Cone Communications CSR Study