Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Finance

What is sustainable finance?

Sustainable finance refers to investment decisions taking environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors of economic activities and projects into consideration.

Why is sustainable finance important?

Sustainable finance can be vital in leading the business world in greener and more ethical practices. It doesn’t require choosing between profit and environmental & social benefits but allows for the coexistence of both to save and grow.

Who are the key providers of sustainable finance?

There are various critical providers of sustainable finance. These are mainly official bodies like OECD and G20, governments, financial institutions, investment banks, corporations, aid agencies, and foundations.

How can sustainable finance help support restoration?

Sustainable finance offers a new, ethical, and environmentally friendly way of running businesses in every sector. What makes it more exciting is that this is not merely a suggestion for companies but more like a requirement if they want to survive in the ever-changing financial world. Therefore, sustainable finance is highly promising to assist in reducing the current adverse environmental impact and lead humankind to a better future in all aspects of sustainable living.

What are the types of green and sustainable finance?

It might sound like green and sustainable finance is only for big holdings and corporations. However, many types of green finance can appeal to businesses and homeowners, entrepreneurs, and goods & service suppliers. Types of green and sustainable finance include but are not limited to; privately placed green bonds, renewable and sustainable equity, green mutual funds, green mortgages, renewable energy credits, and solar bonds.

Why is it important to consider green finance?

Even if it is known that sustainable and green businesses will bring more significant profit and benefit in the long run, they are challenging and capital intensive to start with. This is where green finance comes into play and makes more green projects, including yours, possible.

Why should my business care about sustainable finance?

Sustainable finance would not only help to run your business in an ethical and greener way but also bring you many other benefits. Once your company is financially sustainable, you'll attract investments while fighting for a good cause. This means your company, product or services will also gain a place closer to your customers' and employees' hearts.

How can Intengine help my business with sustainable finance?

Just as with finance itself, sustainable finance can get complicated quickly, so Intengine is here to help you through numerous experts in the sector. You might know exactly what you are doing, or maybe you’re still unsure about which direction to go. Either way, you can always find an expert on Intengine's directory to assist you along the journey.