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Sustainable agriculture meets sustainable business in Intengine’s registry of food producers and service providers, where organizations pledge to operate in a progressive way and to provide products that meet demanding ecological and ethical standards. Organic farming is just the tip of the iceberg for this cohort, with suppliers regularly integrating permaculture into urban environments, reconnecting their operations with nature, and developing new ways to get output to end users with the lowest environmental impact. Leaders in environmental horticulture and viticulture are raising ecological standards in areas as diverse as soil regeneration, crop waste recycling, and the reduction of non-renewable inputs to production. Whether you’re a consumer wanting to make smarter choices at the grocery store or a prepared food producer looking to “green” its supply chain, Intengine will point you in the right direction. Start cultivating.

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DeZwaan Consulting, Ltd.

10420 Glenrose Drive
Delta, British Columbia
Canada V4C0A6
(604) 219-1314

Horticultural Consultant providing advice for Ornamental Nurseries in Certification, Production and Cultural Practices.Providing advice to the home gardener in Plant Health and incorporation of vegetable into your landscape

Service Provider

Categories: Herbs & Flowers, Nurseries, Soil, Landscaping, Plants

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