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As consumers, governments, and corporate procurement departments increasingly demand that the goods and services they purchase meet strict environmental criteria, companies are seizing on the benefits of sustainability reporting. Businesses that choose to communicate the economic, social, and ecological impacts of their ongoing activities deepen their relationships with customers and strengthen brand affinity. As sustainability reporting standards evolve, however, and end user demands increase, this task grows more onerous and complex. By providing current information on sustainability reporting guidelines and a thorough list of leading service providers and consultants in the space, Intengine represents an invaluable tool for companies and management teams looking to enhance this part of their offering. In the modern economy, it’s critical that your customers are aware of the positive environmental and social steps you’ve taken within your business – let Intengine help you to effectively document and communicate this important information.

Air Doctors, Inc.

Service Provider

Air Doctors 's mission is to improve the quality of our customers lives by making their environment safer. Air Doctors has been an excellent partner in removing asbestos from multiple residential workplaces. Contact Air Doctors TODAY for all your air quality concerns

5192 Old Brock Road
Claremont, Ontario
Canada L1Y1B7
(416) 278-3902

Additional Listing Categories: Environmental Management

Altanova Energy+Sustainability

Service Provider

Altanova implements sustainability strategies and projects that have a high return of investment from a business, a social and an environmental standpoint. By bridging technological innovations with sound business practices we help clients reduce their risks, innovate, grow, improve their environmental and social impacts, and become more resilient to a fast changing scenario. Both for corporation and the real estate industry at large, we have two core set of... Read More

1105 44th Drive, 2nd Floor
Long Island City, New York
USA 11101
(347) 410-9092

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American Ecotech

Service Provider

Ecotech is an Australian owned company with more than 35 years experience in servicing, maintaining, designing, manufacturing, installing and commissioning ambient air and emission monitoring systems around the world. Ecotech is ISO17025 accredited for the operation and maintenance of ambient air and continuous emission monitoring systems and was first accredited in 1999. We operate the largest network of monitoring systems in the southern hemisphere... Read More

Factory D 100 Elm Street
Warren, Rhode Island
USA 2885
(877) 247-0403

Additional Listing Categories: Measuring, Monitoring & Testing

Aqualogy Environment, Ltd.

Service Provider

Aqualogy deliver innovative methods of water and wastewater management throughout the UK as the technology and solutions division of one of the world's leading water companies. Working with a wide range of customers in the industrial and utility sectors, Aqualogy are focussed on tailored and integrated process solutions for measurable results. Our industrial water specialists deliver bespoke solutions based on the specific needs and process requirements of the... Read More

160 Aztec West
United Kingdom BS324TU
+440 (145) 480-0468

Additional Listing Categories: Water & Wastewater

Athena Sustainable Materials Institute

Service Provider

The ATHENA Sustainable Materials Institute is finding answers to critical questions about the environmental impact of buildings and building products. The not-for-profit Institute is a world-leading source of data, expertise and tools for designing buildings with the environment in mind. Athena`s research teams follow common building materials from cradle-to-grave and calculate the environmental effects at each stage in the product`s life cycle. ATHENA v2.0... Read More

100-119 Ross Avenue
Ottawa, Ontario
Canada K1Y0N6
(613) 729-9996

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Service Provider

Ausenco began in Brisbane, Australia, in 1991, with a small team of talented engineers offering innovative solutions to the mining industry. Listing on the Australian stock exchange in 2006, our steady growth can be attributed to forming strong partnerships and acquiring several companies to enhance our service offering including Vector Engineering, Pipeline Systems Incorporated (PSI) and Sandwell. Today we draw on the talents of around 2550 employees in 31 offices... Read More

1200-365 Bay Street
Toronto, Ontario
Canada M5H 2V1
(416) 363-6518

Additional Listing Categories: Health & Safety Management

Bonneville Environmental Foundation

Service Provider

A national nonprofit, BEF empowers businesses to be in balance with the environment through a full suite of environmental products, educational and community engagement programs, and custom solutions that help our partners address their unavoidable energy, carbon and water impacts. We align our partners’ goals with our extensive industry expertise to achieve immediate results today while helping solve tomorrow’s biggest environmental challenges. We thrive... Read More

240 SW 1st Avenue
Portland, Oregon
USA 97204
(503) 248-1905

Additional Listing Categories: Energy & Renewables

Brightworks Sustainability

Service Provider

Brightworks clients leverage the power of sustainability awareness to inform their investment and risk management decisions across their built environment, business operations and organizational culture. From small architectural projects to global enterprise CSR reporting and strategy, our approach is reflective and responsive - always beginning with a careful review of priorities, motivation and past experience, then moving to planning, execution,... Read More

202-412 NW Couch Street
Portland, Oregon
USA 97209
(503) 290-3000

Additional Listing Categories: Environmental Management

BSC Sustainability Services

Service Provider

We believe that integration of sustainability within corporate attitudes and local business operations is both inevitable and essential for success. We work with organizations to create business value by building sustainability into profitable business strategies, strengthening local brands, increasing revenues and reducing risk and cost. We help our clients understand how to adopt sustainability values in various localities, how to transfer them into... Read More

111 California Avenue
Mill Valley, California
USA 94941
(415) 999-4089

Additional Listing Categories: Energy & Renewables

Bureau Veritas Certification North America

Service Provider

Bureau Veritas is a Global Leader in the Quality Assurance, Health, Safety & Environmental (QHSE), Social Responsibility Industry, providing the tools and expertise to minimize risk, helping clients move forward with confidence. Our highly-skilled experts provide dependable, accurate assessments in the fields. Since its foundation in 1828, the Bureau Veritas Group has consistently built recognized expertise, helping clients comply with standards and... Read More

100 Northpointe Parkway
Buffalo, New York
USA 14228
(716) 505-3300

Additional Listing Categories: Audit-Certification & Verification