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Though our forests represent one of the world’s greatest renewable resources, their health and ability to provide into the future is not guaranteed and depends significantly on the approach we take toward their stewardship. Increasingly, citizens and corporations are aware that how we treat this precious asset not only impacts the wellbeing of the forest itself but has significant implications for air and water quality and the fragile ecological balance of our planet. Through the adoption of sustainable forestry and sustainable forest management practices, forestry companies now seek to balance the ecological, economic, and socio-cultural consequences of their operations. Advances in harvest management, reforestation, and even support for the natural regeneration of forests have all helped to fortify woodlands and ensure that they will provide for generations to come. More information on modern forestry practices, regulations, and enforcement and compliance can be found on the Intengine site. Intengine also provides a thorough directory of the industry’s most progressive companies and a platform for these firms to share the steps they are taking to safeguard our forests and provide end users with high quality sustainable wood products.

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