Sustainability can be confusing

Conversation and action centred around sustainability is changing at an exponential pace - with so many terms, definitions and buzzwords that even people with decades of experience in the industry struggle to remain current and stay informed with the latest developments.

Large organizations spend millions of dollars annually to communicate their sustainability commitments and performance. Often these messages are complex and scattered across various media channels and within lengthy reporting documents. It doesn't have to be so complicated!

Intengine has taken the most important components of sustainability and organized them in a very simple and transparent format to make it easy for the average consumer, as well as the seasoned professional to understand.

Intengine Sustainability Framework

Intengine's proprietary information architecture designed to efficiently communicate and filter sustainability-related metrics, data and insights for eco-minded companies and the people who buy from them. It offers a clear, transparent, and easy-to-use solution to understand sustainability and apply it to the marketplace.

The Intengine Sustainability Framework is your starting point and encompasses both our search framework, for buyers and those looking for solutions, and our marketing framework, for sellers and sustainability-focused businesses who want to communicate their sustainability commitments and achievements.

Intengine Sustainability Framework

Are you a...

  • Business owner / manager

    looking to take a leadership role in your industry and become more sustainable?

  • Conscious Consumer

    looking to help make the world a better place?

  • Purchasing / procurement / supply chain professional

    looking for the most relevant suppliers to make your entire supply chain more sustainable?

  • Sustainability manager/ marketing executive

    looking to build awareness or exposure and promote yourself?

The Top Factors That Maximize IMPACT for Sustainable Business

  • Accredited

    Today's buyers look for industry-specific certifications and eco-labels. Our database makes it easy to list and locate certified businesses.

  • Trusted

    Build trust through showcasing your commitments to sustainability. Choose from social and environmental attributes, UN Sustainable Development Goals, or use your own words.

  • Aligned

    Join a growing global network of 200,000+ organizations that share your passion and commitment to creating a better world.

  • Committed

    As a subscriber, you're taking the Intengine Pledge to improve your social and/or environmental performance. It's about progress, not perfection.

  • Local

    Local businesses like yours make up the majority of Intengine listings, and with their reduced environmental footprint, are the bedrock of a sustainable economy.

  • Targeted

    Our intuitive platform classifies businesses into a predefined list of common categories and industries, making it easy to get found by buyers.

Search Framework (Buyers) Top Factors for Sustainable Impact Marketing Framework (Sellers)
Validate a business' sustainability claims using Certifications and Eco-label search filters.


Validate your business and boost credibility by displaying relevant eco-labels and certifications.
Narrow and target your searches using categories, listing types, social and environmental attributes.


Reach your ideal audience by adding business category, listing type, social and environmental attributes to your profile.
Find businesses you can trust with Social and Environmental Commitments and Attributes and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) search filters.


Build trust with buyers by displaying your Social and Environmental Commitments and Attributes and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
Support local and responsible businesses and organizations with our location-based search.


Add your business address to be found by local buyers through targeted, location-based searches.
Find businesses committed to improving their social and environmental performance.


It's about progress, not perfection. Display your commitment by showing you've taken the Intengine Pledge.
Connect with like-minded businesses who share your values and meet your elevated procurement requirements.


Connect with like-minded buyers who align with your business commitments and sustainability performance.

Elements of a Sustainability Profile

We've identified the most important elements of the sustainability conversation and present them in a user-friendly and easy-to-understand way:

  • Categories & Listing Types

    We've created a clear, and organized group of categories with sustainability in mind. Easily find your target market or industry by drilling down and narrowing yourself in our categories. Getting more detailed in the categories is our listing types. Separate suppliers from retailers to service providers and manufacturers.

    Learn how we've broken down our categories

    Certifications & Eco-labels

    One of the quickest ways to validate elevated sustainability performance is to see which companies have obtained an eco-label or certification in their industry. Although we aren't an accreditation organization, we have put together the world's largest database of sustainability-related certifications, standards, and labels. These varied certifications help businesses prove their social and environmental commitments and make it easy for buyers to sort and prioritize which organizations meet their formal purchasing requirements, or just align with their values.

    Learn how we've organized our certifications

  • Social Attributes

    We've created a clear, concise, and transparent checklist of social and environmental attributes. These are the most important attributes to be socially and environmentally responsible and organized them to make it easy to understand.

    Click here to learn more about our social attributes

    Environmental Attributes

    We've created a clear, concise, and transparent checklist of social and environmental attributes. These are the most important attributes to be socially and environmentally responsible and organized them to make it easy to understand.

    Click here to learn more about our environmental attributes

  • Social and/or Environmental Commitment(s)

    Some organization go above and beyond expectations or have a unique way of being sustainable and creating change. Sometimes you just need to explain it all in your own words and we've made that easy.

    Reports and Documentation

    Annual sustainability reports, corporate social responsibility reports, ESG guidance provide specific information on a company's current performance... being able access relevant documents in one place provides a deeper understanding of performance.

  • Locations

    Supporting local businesses and growing a localized economy is essential to building a sustainable world. Organizing businesses based on location and then providing access to browse, filter, and connect by location is a key component of our framework.

    Products and Services

    Provide details on your products and services in your profile and be sure to include what makes them more sustainable, rather than simple features and benefits.

  • UN SDGs

    The United Nations has created a list of 17 Sustainable Development Goals to help businesses and organizations document and strive for global change. We have included these for those who are already familiar with the UN SDGs.

    Click here to learn more about UN SDGs


    See what existing customers of these listings have to say. Sharing feedback from your best customers, and join the conversation on your profile.

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