mCloud Technologies Corp. Offers Software Solutions for a Sustainable Future

Intengine | the engine for good

April 11, 2022

Over the last two decades, Allana Black has witnessed the progression of a more sustainable mindset, along with more environmentally conscious solutions being implemented in the oil and gas sector. Her desire to share these innovations within the oil and gas sector—and beyond—is what led Black to pivot her career to focus on Environmental and Social Governance (ESG), and technology. 


New Tech Is Revolutionizing Ecology and Conservation

Jovan Nikolic

October 7, 2021

Many believe that new technologies only harm humanity, and even more the environment. But what if the things are different and technology helps conservation?

How To Move Across The Country In An Eco-Friendly Way

David Kramer

September 16, 2021

Moving is never easy, but it becomes even more difficult when you’re trying to move across the country in an eco-friendly way

Recycling Alternative’s On-site Composting Technology is a Game-changer

Recycling Alternative

September 16, 2021

When Metro Vancouver officially introduced a ban on food waste to landfills, there was a need for waste management companies to expand into food waste management. The already established leader, Recycling Alternative developed a solution to manage food waste in urban areas.


A different kind of solar technology is poised to go big

Grist News

July 26, 2021

Silicon is facing bottlenecks and trade sanctions. Is this cadmium telluride's moment?

Airgarden brings space gardening down to earth

Sustainability Matters

June 8, 2021

A vertical, soilless gardening system that uses revolutionary NASA-developed technology is putting farms into the hands of urban dwellers for the first time. Airgarden allows anyone, from novice to green thumb, to sprout five times more home-grown produce, three times faster, with 95% less water, taking up just 1 m2 of space. Inspired by their passion for sustainably grown produce that doesn’t


Benioff-backed software startup helps companies get smarter about climate risk

GreenBiz Group

June 3, 2021

Will that new $50 million factory be threatened by flooding or wildfires? How many buildings in your company’s real-estate portfolio might require climate-adaption retrofits?  Questions such as these are fueling a flood of early-stage investment in climate tech that crosses over into the enterprise software realm, as companies seek to integrate data about emissions, resource consumption


Gord Heyting: Replacing Petroleum-based Packaging with Moulded Fiber

Intengine | the engine for good

May 17, 2021

What if packaging was appreciated for its environmental contributions instead of over-commercialized and easily overlooked vacuum-form inserts.  “We're at the spot where the world has grown up. They realize plastics waste can’t go on. We want growth and success to be reflected at the enterprise level to deliver value and be a wonderful thing for the planet.” - Gord


Building Energy Engineering Adds Green To Residential Construction Practices

Intengine | the engine for good

May 4, 2021

Homes and larger structures contribute significantly to global warming. According to a recent US EPA report, the commercial and residential building sector generated 11% of the total US greenhouse gas emissions in 2016. A Canadian government paper cited 2015 statistics showing buildings contributed 12% of Canada’s total annual greenhouse gas emissions.


Top Reasons to Go Solar in 2021

Katie Tejada

April 23, 2021

In the modern era, solar panels are increasingly more affordable and they save you money, protect the environment, and increase home value. This blog post goes over the top reasons to invest in solar in detail.