The best reporting frameworks and strategic partners in one place.

Intengine eValuater simplifies and automates the collection, consolidation and analysis of more than 1,000 data types and supports major, internationally recognized ESG reporting frameworks.

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Sustainability Accreditors / Standards & Certifications

Access the World's Largest Database of sustainability standards, certifications and eco-labels, as well as businesses who have them.

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Intengine for Supply Chain

You are a CPO, CFO or Sustainability Professional leveraging the eValuater Supply Chain Management and Reporting platform to manage, grow and communicate with your value chain, aggregate your supply chain data as well as to align your reporting with leading ESG frameworks.

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  • Be Compliant

    Maintain pace with evolving ESG reporting standards and disclosures, create your own surveys or use pre-built survey templates based on global standards such as GRI, ESRS, UNGC, EIB, IFRS and others. Collect all of your data points into one solution for streamlined reporting.

  • Be Credible

    Adhere to globally accepted standards and frameworks with our pre-built templates, reinforcing the credibility of your sustainability efforts.

  • Be Comprehensive

    A suite of modules addresses various aspects of sustainability, allowing you to manage different facets of your business's impact.

  • Be Organized

    Organize sustainability-related data from supply chain for meaningful review and reporting.

  • Be Analytical

    Get real time updates from your supply chain network. Efficiently aggregate, compare, analyse and optimize your sustainability-related metrics in supply chain. Uncover who your sustainable, social, and diverse suppliers are within your supply chain.

  • Get Engaged

    Demonstrate your commitment to sustainability to stakeholders, investors, and customers, enhancing your brand's reputation.

  • Grow Your Supply Chain

    Send individual or bulk invitations to your supplier network or access Intengine's global database to grow your supply chain network.

  • Reduce Risk

    Confidently lead ESG initiatives, position yourself as a leader in your industry with our platform's stringent data validation protocols, by effectively mitigating sustainability risks.

You are a supplier leveraging the eValuater platform to share your sustainability-related data with your lead buyers.

Learn how to use Intengine eValuater


  • Take complexity out of your reporting

    Efficiently provide your sustainability-related metrics in your supply chain through surveys and forms

  • Grow your business

    Access Intengine's database to grow your business. Whether you want to support local solution providers or find worldwide leaders in the space, Intengine connects you with companies that share your values.

  • The Marketplace is where we can make a difference

    With Intengine a simple search can get you started on the small, tangible steps that lead to transformative change.

Intengine for Procurement

You are a sustainability-driven procurement person leveraging Intengine's platform to find eco-friendly and socially conscious businesses.

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You are a marketing, sales or business development professional leveraging Intengine's marketing platform to grow your brand, supercharge your pipeline with eco-friendly buyer intent, increase your market presence and drive sales to your business.

Create your Sustainability Profile


  • Validate your Business

    Validate your business and boost credibility by displaying relevant eco-labels and certifications.

  • Target your Audience

    Reach your ideal audience by adding business category, listing type, social and environmental attributes to your profile.

  • Advertise your Business

    Add your business address to be found by local and relevant buyers through targeted, location-based searches.

  • Connect with Buyers

    Connect with like-minded buyers who align with your expertise, business commitments and sustainability performance.

  • Build Trust with Buyers

    Build trust with buyers by displaying your Social and Environmental Commitments, Certifications and Attributes and UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

  • Show your Commitment

    It's about progress, not perfection. Display your commitment by showing you've taken the Intengine Pledge.