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The planet’s most important resource sits at the centre of many of our most pressing environmental concerns, with swelling streams and flash floods threatening some communities and unprecedented scarcity requiring severe rationing in others. In places where supplies are sufficient, water quality management is often lacking, enabling the spread of disease and inhibiting the development of other aspects of local society. From vast improvements in conservation in developed countries, to the introduction of desalination in some of the world’s most arid regions, to new approaches to waterborne disease mitigation, significant progress in clean water availability is being made. Intengine provides a platform for innovators and change makers in this space to report both their work and the challenges they face, as well as a thorough resource for anyone wanting to learn more about the current state of global water management and how it’s advancing. As the world’s population grows, additional demands will be placed on all types of water resources and it will incumbent upon individuals, corporations, and governments to take care of this precious asset – visit Intengine regularly to keep tabs on the key developments and thought leaders driving progress in this important area.

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