It’s time we talked a bit about what defines a Sustainable Business. Not the big players, the ones who are providing renewable energy solutions or leading a global stand on human rights, although these companies have our thanks. Everyday businesses like yours that have made a commitment to making meaningful changes we can all get behind.

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Leading With Small Acts of Sustainability

It’s time we talked a bit about what defines a Sustainable Business.

We all know of the big players, the ones who are providing renewable energy solutions like the use of wind turbines, or organizations that are leading the charge by implementing high performing social and environmental standards.

These companies have dedicated most, or all, of their resources to leading others into the future. Sustainability is on the first page of their executive summary and the opening phrases rolling off the tongues by their executives. It’s in their DNA, and it defines how they show up in the world.

A sustainable business, perhaps a business like yours, starts with the commitment to take action. Sustainable businesses inspire change by acting and then telling the world how they do it. It’s the journey that has an impressive persuasive ability to prompt action. Let me demonstrate by showcasing 3 Intengine Business Listings who we know are inspiring change.

3 Companies Taking Action In the Most Encouraging Ways

We want to make their services known.

Earth Enterprise
Category: Books; Publications; Printers


Earth Enterprise has a 100-year history of providing printed products and there is no doubt about the importance of printing as a catalyst to society's development. In 1915 the printing industry was very different from today. We admire the way they embrace responsible business practices, took action to regenerate and mitigate their resource use (ie. trees and water) and transformed what’s possible in their industry.

It’s also why they have our respect. Their dedication to asking questions and finding solutions to offset their environmental impact in the production of these essential products is thought-provoking and shows excellent leadership.

In these three ways, Earth Enterprise has earned our highest esteem. On their listing we learn:

  • Presses use water. Water most printers dump weekly, but Earth Enterprise invests in a filtration system so water can be repurposed,
  • Paper is sourced from local mills. Local pulp from local forests supports local workers.
  • They calculate the carbon footprint of each project and plant a tree whose value living is four times greater than the timber itself.

By limiting their impact and being choosy how they offset, they create a formula for positive change and a system for delivering net-zero impact.

Midstate Energy, LLC, part of Veregy
Category; Construction; Energy; Environment

Iintengine listing-Midstate-Energy.jpg

Often we are confronted with decisions necessary in the implementation of our projects uniquely burdened with high-energy use.

Energy is expensive, not only to bottom lines but also to sustainability pursuits. In this complex world, companies like Midstate Energy are essential. We learned on their Listing profile that their expert team:

  • Identifies and evaluates energy-saving opportunities and then recommends a package of improvements.
  • Best yet, they are paid through these newfound savings.
  • They also offer additional services for the long term clients that need assistance in managing their solutions.

It’s a win for their clients, a win for them and a win for the environment. We love how they provide custom solutions to their clients, recognizing that every company can improve their energy footprint.

If you also provide sustainable, win-win solutions in your industry, we want to hear about it and celebrate it with you.

The Other Straw
Category: Food; Beverage

Iintengine Listing -the-other-straw.jpg

Sometimes sustainable change is small. Sometimes it starts by looking to shift perspective by integrating tiny changes into a daily routine. Small shifts can establish impactful life habits.

The Other Straw wants you to consider that straws are no different than how you would consider a cup. Just like a cup, reusable straws can be washed and last for hundreds of uses.

But what we love about companies like The Other Straw is how they look at the whole package. According to their Intengine listing, They find ethical and locally sourced materials from Vietnam’s abundant bamboo crops and sell to fast-food chains, retail stores, cafes, bars, restaurants, events, festivals, and corporations.

  • Bamboo straws are portable so you can take them with you anywhere.
  • Straws are derived from fast-growing, organic bamboo,
  • Bamboo straws are sold in packages of 5 straws and in a sustainable zip bag and come with a cleaning brush to help you form that habit.

The Other Straw’s solution to sustainability lives in a small shift supported by smart solutions. Just like these incredible businesses, we are confident that your company belongs on Intengine. Once you know how to fit into the sustainable purchasing landscape, the next step is easy.

It starts with our Listing plans.

If you are still reading, no need to ask if you belong here. You do.


Earth Enterprise

Midstate Energy, LLC, part of Veregy

The Other Straw


Energy, Industry & Packaging, Office Equipment & Supplies