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How to Build Growth Culture in Your Organization 


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November 22, 2022

According to Carol Dweck's implicit theory of intelligence, the mindset of teams with a fixed mindset is that no more can be done and the actions taken are sufficient. Teams with growth mindsets are open to learning, can face uncertainties, are not afraid to make mistakes, like to try new things, are motivated by the achievements of others, and believe that more is always possible. In order for companies and organizations to achieve their sustainability goals, a culture of sustainability focused on the growth mindset must be built within the organization. 

1. In order to create a corporate sustainability culture, sustainability must be included in the strategic management process of the organization. The company's mission, vision, and value systems must be built based on sustainability. Smart (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, Timely) technique must be applied for ESG initiatives to succeed. 

2. Sustainability culture should be integrated into the personal and professional lives of all employees with cooperation and rewarding systems. This way, the message is given that sustainable progress is a value of corporate culture. 

3. By creating a safe space on-premises, employees should be encouraged to think critically, and a sustainable ecosystem should be built by contributing to growth mindset developments.

4. The potential for inter-stakeholder change must be maximized by including different stakeholders so that the decision-making team can more easily identify challenges and potential opportunities and take sustainable action when they are in between dilemmas. 

5. The most important element that ensures the adoption of an in-house culture of sustainability is that leaders show through management styles that this concept, which is included in the missions and values of the institution, is not only used for branding. Sustainability practices and administrative organizations should be carried out throughout the institution, from senior board meetings to organizational relations in the lowest department. For employees to truly believe that they can make a difference and feel empowered about sustainability, managers need to communicate with a leader, recognize the work of their employees and encourage them with clear KPIs. 


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