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Green Business Bureau: A Platform For Business Change and Sustainability Activism

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December 28, 2020

The Green Business Bureau, a trusted authority in sustainable business practices, has a simple mission: to help make every business a greener business. This article introduces the organization, their mission, and certification program. With the foundational belief that every business has the capacity to act sustainably and induce significant change, the GBB seeks to encourage this change. While the suffering of our planet is common knowledge, lack of information or clear guidance may hinder a company’s ability to take steps toward green solutions. Through education, tools, advocacy and the presence of a clear platform, the GBB and its founders use their business as a platform for transformation. Learn how all companies can do the same while helping to create a more socially responsible business world.

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The GBB provides:

A green mission statement is one of the first prerequisites for GBB green business certification.

  • Education 
  • Advocacy
  • Tools to demonstrate commitment
  • Employee and business activism
  • A platform for change a platform for positive change

GBB Members can access the GBB’s Complete Guide to Creating a Perfect Green Mission Statement 


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The Green Business Bureau program is based on the concept that good business and green business go hand-in-hand. All initiatives are money-saving and deliver a significant return on investment that empowers member companies to grow stronger and healthier every day.

In this Information Series:

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Part 2) How to Create the Perfect Green Mission Statement 

part 3) Green Business Bureau: A Platform For Business Change and Sustainability Activism (Above )


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