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Five Fashion Facts Every ECO Fashionista Should Know

Setting the Trend for Ethical Impact

Whether you call yourself a Fashionista, review clothing on your YouTube channel, or simply like to follow the trends to look your best for work or play. There is no denying that our passion for fashion drives an important and growing sector of our economy.

Global garment production will increase by 63%, but LOSE $52 MILLION USD in profits by 2030.7 If consumption continues as is, we’ll need 3x as many natural resources by 2050 compared to 2000." 
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Did you know?

REDUCING EMISSIONS in textile factories are achieved by manufacturers who decided to implement solar energy over fossil fuels to power their factory needs for energy.

PRESERVING RESOURCES It is not essential to grow new crops for new fibers. Eco-fashion designers are experimenting with recycled products like banana silk, orange peels, and recycled plastics, rescuing our refuse in delightful ways.

SAFEGUARDING WORKERS may not be written on the label, but ethical employment practices that sustain and support communities have an exponential impact. Often an ethical brand will make this public if you choose to look for their story.

MINIMIZING WASTE is the best final act when trends - and waistlines change. By closing the loop to ensure your discards find a new home, you support thrifting communities for fashion-forward looks or retro resurgence.

PROTECTING WATER is achieved when suppliers are aware of the plastic debris that gets washed into our waterways and make better, stronger, lasting fabric decisions.


What are you doing to support these innovators?

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