These great tools for sourcing your articles will help you stand above. 

We all know it when we see it. An article that delights us with facts, infographics and succinct summaries that feel good to read. It's the type of material that gets shared and brought into sustainability-focused discussions. Writing at this level is no easy task, so we want to empower your success. 

What makes them incredibly useful? In short, it is insightful conclusions based on research that tracks back to accredited sources. There is nothing more powerful than offering trusted information.

To improve your chances of being featured with Intengine, there are a few places to get accurate quotes and data to support your ideas. Here are a few. 


Your public library may have a database. Many libraries have digitized journals, papers and all sorts of reference material, making it searchable. Contact your local librarian for more information. 

Self-published works like blogs are not accredited but can still offer value. Seek the people they quote, the community questions they feature and investigate further. 


Cite reputable sources:  

Scholarly articles are found on Google by simply typing "scholarly articles" after the topic. The subsequent query tends to result in academic studies.  

Accredited submissions. Anywhere you find a group of professionals; you will find a communications director ready to guide you toward thought leaders in their organization. Sometimes they even publish quotable insight on their websites.  

Studies and summaries are often published in quarterly and yearly featured reports by companies that have direct and logical access to interest groups. Such studies will always declare their sample size, and high numbers can mean thoughtful conclusions.


Be Relevant & Timely:  

Take personal responsibility for your options and experiences. Confidence is powerful, especially when a reader can trace the thought to the correct source. To recount the stories of others is sometimes an essential tool, but please make it clear that these words are not yours by explicitly referencing them.

Leverage the voice of many. When speaking about a specific interest, sometimes embedding a social media post is useful. You can usually find the embed code in the top right corner. If you choose to screenshot an image, open it first in its full-screen format for the best results.


Look to Intengine:  

Each Integine member listing must pledge their sustainability goals, which means you can also link to pages within this site to deepen the offering, we encourage this. If your key source for leadership in sustainability is not currently on our website, please alert Intengine, and we will offer them a personalized invitation to become a member.

The United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) provides a collection of 17 global goals designed as a blueprint toward a sustainable future for all. SDGs are a great place to find keywords to search. You may discover useful search terms among the over 200 success indicators. These search results can provide you with many lesser-known companies with engaging stories to tell.

Thank you for your interest. We cannot wait to enjoy your work.