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Soaring growth in offshore renewables puts wind in the sails of the energy transition

Ethical Corporation

August 30, 2020

Author: Terry Slavin

Oceans are critical in the battle against climate change, absorbing 25%-30% of annual CO2 emissions, but it is a role that is being undermined as oceans warm and become more acidic. In the future, scientists say, the greatest CO2 mitigation potential will have to be found not in the depths of the oceans, but in what lies on top: renewable energy installations like offshore wind, wave and tidal energy and floating solar arrays.Image: Channels: EnvironmentTags: Shellhydrogen valleyHigh Level Panel for a Sustainable Ocean EconomyWood MackenzieIEAoffshore windHywindEquinorSSE SeagreenDogger BankVattenfallHollandse ZuidOREACZEEDsSSE RenewablesOrstedSintafCalifornia blackouts

This story was originally published by Ethical Corporation and can be accessed here.


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