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Recycled coffee cups given new life as gift wrap

Packaging manufacturer Detpak has partnered with Hallmark to transform recyclable coffee cups into gift wrap. Printed in Australia, the gift wrap range uses fibres from Detpak’s innovative RecycleMe cups.

An estimated 1.2 billion coffee cups are sent to landfill every year in Australia, but RecycleMe cups feature a next-generation lining that allows them to be recycled within existing infrastructure. Over two million RecycleMe cups have been recycled to date.

Detpak has partnered with Opal Australian Paper to provide a local recycling solution for the cups, which allows the recovered paper fibres to live again in Hallmark gift wrap.

“The coffee and food service industry has long struggled with finding a solution for cups and we are excited to see Hallmark RecycleMe gift wrap providing a new life for takeaway cups,” Detpak General Manager of Marketing David Osborn explained.

“Now consumers can order their coffee to go, knowing that their RecycleMe cup can have a second life as a paper product.”

Hallmark Brand, Customer Experience and Innovation Manager Amy Kernke said the gift wrap was a great sustainable choice for consumers.

“This is an exciting new innovation in gift wrap and a step forward in our sustainability journey for Hallmark and the thinking we are applying across our ranges. It is just one of many initiatives we are developing globally,” Kernke said.

“This new range of gift wrap is not only made with recycled materials, it is also recyclable — providing yet another life for the valuable paper fibres.

“By choosing this wrapping paper, you’re helping to divert waste from landfill and we are super excited by what we have been able to create with Detpak.”


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