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Earth Day Cheat Sheet: ‘Dear Nature, we promise we’ll treat you better than ever before’

Ethical Corporation

April 23, 2020

Author: Terry Slavin

Outdoor clothing brand Timberland marked Earth Day by debuting a video with an emotional open letter to nature called “Caring is no longer enough”.
Narrated by a child, the letter reflects on the impact of the current pandemic: “Dear Nature, we miss you. Probably more than you miss us. Take this time to breathe, to bloom, to conquer your space.
And when we’re back, we promise we’ll treat you better than we ever did before. Because now that we’re so distant from you we truly understand how much you really mean to us.”Image: Channels: Communications & ReportingTags: Timberlandsustainable cottonThomson ReutersScience Based Targets InitiativeArc’teryxGHG emissionsJLLParis Agreementgooglerenewable energyLightsource BPsolar powerClimateCarecookstovesSodaStreamcircular economyPeakonenvironmental awareness

This story was originally published by Ethical Corporation and can be accessed here.


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