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Can corporates’ net-zero drive help put tropical countries on rapid road to ending deforestation?

Ethical Corporation

June 2, 2021

Author: Terry Slavin

One important announcement to come out of Joe Biden’s Earth Summit was the launch of the LEAF coalition, a $1bn a year programme that hopes to unleash a flood of private sector finance for tropical forests. It has the backing of the U.S., Britain and Norway, alongside nine multinational companies including Salesforce, Amazon, Unilever and Nestlé.Image: Channels: Climate and EnergyNatural CapitalTags: WRIREDD+LEAF coalitionCORSIAbiodiversitycarbon storageCarbon offsettingETSUN Race to ZeroParis AgreementUnileverCoasta RicaIndigenous PeoplePalm OilShellnet-zero targetsemissions reduction

This story was originally published by Ethical Corporation and can be accessed here.