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Algae biotech research facility to launch in Noosa

Sustainability Matters

February 3, 2020

Biotech start-up Provectus Algae will open a new research and development foundry in Noosa next month to further its groundbreaking work with algae as a platform to grow biologics. The facility is reported to be the first of its kind in the world.

By programing algae biology, Provectus Algae is working to create new biosynthetic solutions for the production of medicines, vaccines, plant-based foods and flavours and natural biopesticides.

Provectus Algae CEO and Founder Nusqe Spanton said micromanaging algae’s growing conditions was the key to unlocking the organism’s potential applications.

“Algae is an incredibly versatile organism if given the right conditions,” he said. We believe algae has a huge role to play in a sustainable future.

“We have created an automated platform to grow micro-algae at an unprecedented rate and quality, making it possible to disrupt previous limitations in bringing novel biologics to market.

“With our new facility in Noosa, we aim to continuously discover and commercialise novel products from algae, some of which may have far-reaching implications for healthcare and the environment,” Spanton said.

With a background in marine biotechnology and aquaculture, Spanton and cofounder Mic Black — an automation and IoT specialist — successfully raised $1.2 million toward funding the biotech foundry that’s currently under construction in Noosa.

“After 18 months of operation, this is a major step toward rapidly accelerating our commercial capabilities for global markets,” Spanton said.


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