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AECOM digitises environmental planning

Infrastructure firm AECOM has launched a platform that streamlines environmental documentation and stakeholder engagement throughout the environmental assessment process.

Presenting technical information in a user-friendly online and interactive format, the AECOM Environmental Engagement platform was initially developed for public- and private-sector clients in Australia. The scalable platform has now expanded globally.

“With AECOM Environmental Engagement, we are pleased to add to the company’s expanding suite of digital solutions that simplify and accelerate public reviews of infrastructure projects that can lead to improved outcomes for communities worldwide,” AECOM Chair and CEO Michael S Burke said.

“This innovative platform reflects the collaboration of our global experts who continue to find ways to reduce complexity that saves our clients money and time, and that can help them overcome barriers created by the unfolding coronavirus pandemic.”

Designed to complement and streamline the traditional paper-based environmental planning process, AECOM Environmental Engagement enables project teams to consolidate the many aspects of environmental studies including photos, visualisations, sound demonstrations, videos, models and narrative into a single data platform. Through the platform, teams create the online experience, review the content and then publish the final document for stakeholders. It also enables stakeholders to provide feedback directly to project proponents who can track community sentiment throughout the project life cycle.

“We are seeing more projects around the world successfully leverage digital tools to speed up the assessment and permitting processes while also improving the quality of engagement with project stakeholders,” AECOM Global Lead for Digital Transformation Kevin Carlson said.

“As we recognise the acceleration of our clients’ demand for digital and virtual solutions, particularly in response to the coronavirus pandemic, we are excited to lead the industry through this phase of digital transformation.”

AECOM’s Chief Digital and Innovation Officer in Asia Pacific, Colette Munro, added, “In all aspects of our lives, we expect to be able to access information in a way that is easy to understand and at a time and place that is convenient to us.

“AECOM Environmental Engagement empowers teams to deliver required technical detail in an easily accessible and interactive online format, while complying with applicable regulations.”

The new platform works with AECOM’s recently launched virtual public consultation tool, which enables virtual community engagement in an interactive online platform. Together, these solutions provide support to clients managing existing and future projects through the key planning and approval gates.

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