Gord Heyting, CEO, and Founder

Wolfpack Packaging Inc. and Pulp Moulded Products Inc. (PMP)


Gord Heyting had been running Wolfpack Packaging Inc., a reseller of corrugated boxes and shipping packaging. In 2009 he founded Pulp Moulded Products Inc. now, manufacturing 50 different sustainable packaging solutions for a variety of industries—everything from medical to hospitality to horticultural. The packaging is made using 100 percent post-industrial paper waste.


The crisp air of new spring days reminds us of renewal and invites new ideas. To this backdrop, we were introduced to Gord Heyting, CEO, and Founder of Wolfpack Packaging Inc. and Pulp Moulded Products Inc. (PMP).

Sustainable Packaging has seen a sharp increase of interest over the past decade. Manufacturers and distributors look closely to green their cradle-to-cradle supply chain to reduce, reuse, or recycle for a lower product footprint. Replacing plastics with recyclable or compostable materials is a goal everyone is getting behind. 

"Going forward, FMCG (Fast-moving consumer goods) companies and retailers will have to become more aggressive in their approach to addressing sustainable packaging in response to growing consumer awareness and increasing regulatory requirements," according to GM Insights.

But as with so many things, the challenges you don’t see are the ones which make the most impact. The youth, our future leaders of development, are demanding we take notice of the environmental impacts of today’s choices.  Heyting has made a career of listening and responding.   

If you have purchased a new HP product or seen an influx of moulded paper in your supermarket, you might very well be seeing almost 20 years of repurposing an old technology – fiber moulding – into ingenious ways to solve the ongoing battle to remove plastics and styrofoam from the manufacturing process. You may already be purchasing products touched by Gord Heyting’s dedication to building the better mousetrap.  

"I am not a thought leader, but I definitely look for the best ones and try to incorporate them where we can,” says Heyting. “ We started the company to fill a need we believed in. From the beginning being customer-focused and recognized as a value-added provider has led to offering fast packaging solutions. Our customers need fast supply chain fulfillment, so being responsive and customer-focused is how we have differentiated ourselves."

And it is working. By bringing the expensive tooling process in-house, applying the latest technologies in virtual tools, and hiring leading minds in forestry science, Heyting and his product development team have reduced the time and cost of pulp moulded solutions. 100s of clients in glass bottle protection, horticulture, and even branded electronics trust PMP from their offices across Canada and the US.

Knowing the capacity of these products and creatively looking to future needs, Pulp Moulded Products Inc. successfully displaces plastic with moulded paper in sensible ways. This is why Intengine recognizes that Pulp Moulded Products have built the formula for change.  

“I'm really invested in what we can do as a company to evolve our own thinking, and be in touch with like-minded, suppliers, competitors, and customers, because in all honesty, at the end of the day, we want to grow because the more sustainable packaging we get out there, obviously, the better the planet is. And that's something that we can all care about," Heyting emphasized.


And leading this conversation, Heyting is looking for ways to expand by asking his team and consumers, “What if". What if cosmetics retired its legacy plastics? What if your nursery plants could be placed into the ground inside their compostable containers? What if your garage door opened to reveal neatly stacked rows of brown paper boxes instead of the broken bleached plastic containers you see today? 

What if packaging was appreciated for its environmental contributions instead of today's flashy painted designs over-commercialized and easily overlooked vacuum form inserts.   


“We're at the spot where the world has grown up. They realize plastics waste can’t go on. We want growth and success to be reflected at the enterprise level to deliver value and be a wonderful thing for the planet.”- Gord Heyting, Pulp Moulded Products Inc.


How Pulp Moulded Products is Impacting Sustainable Action

Pulp Moulded Products now manufactures 50 different sustainable packaging solutions for a variety of industries—everything from medical to hospitality to horticultural packaging made using 100 percent post-industrial paper waste.