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5 Amazing Facts about Gable Boxes That Everyone Needs to Know

Ronnie Robertson

April 14, 2021

Over time packaging industry foresee many changes and development, and the gable boxes are a new addition to the list of different packaging options. They have earned massive popularity in a short time because of their diverse usage in multiple industries with their unique design structure. Brands have the option to use the material of their choice to get them manufacture. Mostly the cardboard sheets, recyclable bux board, and eco-friendly kraft stock are used to manufacture them because of their strength and flexibility. They are made with one long sheet, and handles are also crafted at their top for carrying ease. Multiple customization techniques play a vital role in getting them personalized with all the modern features. A custom window cut-out, embossing, gluing, foiling, and scoring techniques are the most used customization techniques from which buyers can choose according to their needs.

Printing is also made catchy with CMYK and PMS color schemes. Packaging gets a massive appreciation if it is equipped with modern traits and can serve multiple industries. Gable boxes perfectly fit this criterion and are being used in jewelry, food, and various other industries. They have some traits that are very rare to be seen in the common packaging types. Here are some shocking facts about them that everyone should know about.

Provides a carrying ease

Carrying ease is given less priority in most types of packaging, but it is vital to consider this aspect. Gable packaging boxes have this specialty that makes them different from all. Usually, people have to buy snacks from their favorite restaurants while going home or to the workplace. They are in a hurry and just make a takeaway for their lunch at the office or dinner at home. Therefore it is essential to provide carrying ease for them so that they could lift their purchased items easily without any inconvenience. These boxes have a wide base, and gradually their walls start getting closer to each other at the top. A luxurious handle is crafted at their top by joining the front and back panel. It can carry a handsome amount of weight. Usually, some add-ons are also used at these handles for a catchy look. 

Purely green packaging solution

You would be amazed to know that gable boxes wholesale are made of sustainable material that means that they spread no land pollution or any threat to marine life. Utilizing sustainable materials also protects the food from getting contaminated if it gets in contact with the packaging material. These traits make them ideal for presenting the products proudly in the market and being an ambassador of the clean and green environment. Green materials like seaweed, mushrooms, corn starch, and bamboo pulp reduce the threat to fertilization of land because of their quick decomposition ability. Various countries have made such regulations and allowed only the import of products packaged in sustainable materials. Therefore, these boxes fit this condition to capture the big markets of the world. This phenomenon helps to derive the sales volumes effectively. 

More space for promotion

Promotion needs of the businesses consume a vital part of their available budget. Hence they have limited opportunities to invest more to expand business operations. Moreover, every marketing platform has different effectiveness levels. Gable packaging boxes are a creative marketing medium that allows promoting the items and brand more effectively without spending too much money. They also have more space to display promotional content than other packaging types. All four sides can be used to display engaging infographics and supportive textual content. Brands can explain their products more effectively because of the availability of adequate space. Businesses can display their brand information and the positive traits that make give them a competitive advantage. They can also create a storytelling design to raise the interest of customers in their products at retail stores. 

Keeps products fresh and protected

Gable boxes wholesale are used for the packaging of multiple types of products, but the food industry has adopted them at a larger scale than other industries. Different bakes items like cakes, pastries, cookies, and donuts are very delicate and require special protection from getting damaged. They also keep these items fresh for a longer duration and enhances their shelf life. Similarly, the rest of other products like jewelry and gift items are also protected from getting harmed during shipping. Some extra layers of the raw materials are used in them that enhance their protection level without making an increase in their weight. Making secure shipping of these items enhances the reputation of brands. The utilization of the different inserts also enhances the luxuriousness of the items that inspire the customers to get engaged with the items. This extreme protection level makes them an ideal packaging solution. 

Highly cost-efficient solution

These custom boxes are more popular because of providing additional benefits at the minimum costs. Along with reducing the promotional expenses, they are very cost-effective in comparison to the other similar solutions with all features. Various factors collectively reduce the manufacturing costs to the minimum level. One of those aspects is the cheap cardboard material that can be made from locally available raw materials like seaweed, bamboo pulp, and other agricultural waste like mushrooms or cornstarch. Getting them from the online resources decreases their cost even more because of the competition. Such online vendors also initiate flash sales on popular events.

Brands can effectively save their money by making month-end purchases as well. It makes them accessible for all the startups and brands going low at the sales. After analyzing all these facts about the gable boxes, it is very easy to understand that they provide more benefits to the businesses at fewer costs in comparison to the other packaging solutions. They can take the businesses to new heights with the help of features associated with them. 



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