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By being RSB certified, you are demonstrating your commitment to a credible bioeconomy based on of ethical, sustainable and credibly-sourced biomaterials. RSB’s user-friendly certification system is the strongest and most trusted of its kind as recognized by WWF, IUCN, NRDC and others. Certified entities can communicate their RSB certification to the public and shareholders to prove their sustainability to the world and strengthen their brand as a front-runner in sustainability. RSB uses a risk management approach, which identifies the important sustainability issues for a given crop and location and focuses on managing them effectively. This ensures security and robustness while remaining flexible and adapting to a diverse range of feedstocks and products from geographical conditions. To match the needs of operators, several “chain of custody” options are proposed (100% segregation, mass balance, etc.). RSB certification is comprehensive, ensuring credibility in diverse contexts, and is widely recognized by regulatory authorities in Europe, the U.S. and elsewhere. RSB applies global best practice as a full member of ISEAL, a global alliance conferring the highest credibility on sustainability standards.

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