Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB)

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The Roundtable on Sustainable Biomaterials (RSB) is an international initiative that brings together farmers, companies, non-governmental organizations, experts, governments, and inter-governmental agencies concerned with ensuring the sustainability of biomaterials production and processing. Originally set up in 2007 to ensure the sustainability of liquid biofuels for transport, the RSB expanded its scope in 2013 to cover biomaterials. Biomaterials are products derived from biomass. They include bioenergy such as liquid biofuels as well as biomass and biogas for heating and electricity generation. Bio-based products also include a range of biochemicals such as bioplastics and lubricants. Participation in the RSB is open to any organization working in a field relevant to biomaterials sustainability. See our membership page for more information on how to join, or see the certification section for details of how to become certified and the tools to implement the RSB’s environmental, social and economic principles and criteria. RSB’s Vision is the global sustainable production, conversion, and use of biomass. RSB’s Mission is to: Provide and promote the global standard for socially, environmentally and economically sustainable production and conversion of biomass. Provide a global platform for multi-stakeholder dialogue and consensus building. Ensure that users and producers have access to credible, practical and affordable certification. Support continuous improvement through application of the standard.





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