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AGA’s standards for grassfed certification have been developed by a team of animal scientists, veterinarians, ranchers, and range management specialists. They concentrate on four main areas of production: 1. Diet - Animals are fed only grass and forage from weaning until harvest. 2. Confinement - Animals are raised on pasture without confinement to feedlots. 3. Antibiotics and hormones - Animals are never treated with antibiotics or growth hormones. 4. Origin - All animals are born and raised on American family farms. AGA’s standards apply to ruminant animals only - beef, bison, goat, lamb and sheep. AGA-Certified producers are audited annually by independent, third parties to ensure continuing compliance with the standards.  Only AGA-Certified members are permitted to use the AGA logo, trademark, or other identifying marks on their packaging, marketing materials, or web sites.

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