1% for the Planet

1% for the Planet membership is all about taking responsibility and giving back. Businesses that join 1% for the Planet commit to giving 1% of total sales each year to our approved nonprofit partners. There are three ways you can join: Whole company: The gold standard for corporate environmental philanthropy, businesses donate 1% of total sales across the company's operations. Brand: Does your company have multiple brands? If you have business entities with distinct names and branding from the rest of the company, you could join as a business member with one, or multiple, of these brands. Product line: One way to build up your commitment is to start with a product line as an on-ramp to company or brand level membership. If you have a product or line of products that are aligned with our mission, let's talk about partnering! Each year, ¼ of your total 1% donation can come through the form of employee volunteer time and/or in-kind product or service donations and an additional ¼ of your 1% donation can come through approved advertising expenses. 1% for the Planet certifies giving on an annual basis by reviewing each business's sales documentation as well as reviewing donation receipts made to approved nonprofit partners. Members use the 1% for the Planet logo, collateral, and brand messaging to best communicate their commitment to giving back to environmental causes. In working with your business, we offer the opportunity to discuss your giving priorities. For example, we learn what environmental issues you care deeply about and if there are specific geographic areas where you would like to make donations. Then, by connecting you with one of our nonprofit partners that is a good fit, we help you harness the power of our global network. The 1% for the Planet brand will help you amplify, through your stories of partnership and progress, the positive impact your business is having for the planet.

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