Elkins Tradelink, Ltd.

Manufacturer/Supplier in Rajkot

We are Elkins Trade Link Ltd. a cotton yarn exports company located in Rajkot (Gujarat), India. We are a part of one of the fastest growing business groups in the region. The management of the company is forward looking and future focused to redefine Yarn buying in the world. It includes a productive blend of experience and youth who together would weave an excellent operation of strong dependable business model that brings the best products to our customers’ footsteps. Vision: To redefine the way the world buys cotton yarn and become the most preferred Yarn exports brand in the world. Our mission is; To meet customer expectations to the fullest in terms of Quality of products; To make process of buying smooth and hassle free for the buyers.; To cultivate a strong brand impression by being focused to customer needs and building better trust and relationship for long term business, and to take steps that enhance the profitability of our buyers. The group, of which we are a part has leadership in Agricultural produce, Rubber reclamation, Cotton production and buying, high end ginning mills and spinning mills. The group is into service sector through its own Clearing and forwarding agency as well as top of the line travel solutions. With such a multi-disciplinary background, we have the right strategists in the group to take Elkins to great heights. Most of these companies operate at global level and hence it will be easy for Elkins to do business with international buyers across the globe.


Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels

Elkins Tradelink, Ltd. has obtained the following Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels


C-207, Imperial Heights, 150 ft. Ring Road
India 360005
+91 (281) 258-0178

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