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BCI is a multi-stakeholder initiative and we encourage participation from all sections of the supply chain. And we have a membership model where all members can benefit from being associated with Better Cotton, actively participate in its supply chain, and contribute to making the global cotton sector more sustainable for the future. If you’re a legally registered organization involved in or with an interest in the cotton supply chain, and who supports the BCI mission, please keep reading. The many good things you can do as a BCI member: Create more impact on environmental and social issues collectively; Ensure a more sustainable and secure future for cotton; Support better environmental practices; Support better livelihoods and working conditions for farmers and farm workers; Build partnerships and strong relationships across the public, private and voluntary sectors; Share best practices, create stories and collect evidence that will resonate with your stakeholders; Communicate the benefits of Better Cotton to your stakeholders, including your customers, using materials pre-prepared by BCI. BCI’s membership model includes a financial and traceability model that allows you – the member – to join at a level that suits your ambitions, capacity and interest.

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