CGG Trading B.V.

Manufacturer/Supplier in Haarlem

CGG Trading is a Brazilian export company which is ranked among the ten largest companies in the agricultural sector with sales around US$ 1,4 billion during 2014. It was this company who soared in the Brazilian export rankings last year, with revenues over 1 billion US dollars. CGG Trading is one of the most comprehensive companies dealing with the commercialization of Brazilian Cotton. The operation is totally vertical and satisfies all stages of the cotton chain which is initiated with the production itself, the processing arm and principally the partnerships with the main Brazilian producers. The operation of CGG also comprises of internal and external logistics, finalizing operations with the actual distribution to the main international markets. The CGG Trading belongs to a group born from the old relationship between business people with experience of over 30 years in agribusiness, who shared the dream of creating a national control firm focused on investment and development of the sector in Brazil. The company focuses primarily on the sale of grain and cotton prioritizing long partnership with producers and is, thus, distributed in more than 14 cities.


Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels

CGG Trading B.V. has obtained the following Certifications, Standards and Eco-Labels


Staten Bolwerk 3
Netherlands 2011MK
+3 (163) 336-5805

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