Atlantic Aqua Farms Partnership

Processor in Orwell Cove, Prince Edward Island

Brian and Bob Fortune, the founders of Atlantic Aqua Farms, began growing, processing and marketing mussels in 1989. They were pioneers of the mussel farming industry on Prince Edward Island, which now produces nearly 40,000,000 pounds annually. The U.S. and Canadian markets seemed ready for the company's high quality mussel products and sales grew rapidly. In 1997, the company built a 100,000 sq. ft. holding and processing plant which allows the company to process over 20M lbs. annually. In 2001 and 2002 Atlantic Aqua Farms expanded mussel operations into Nova Scotia and acquired additional lease acreage in PEI. In 2006 the company purchased the Nova Scotia based Country Harbor Sea Farms adding significant production capacity and a processing facility in Nova Scotia. During the past 21 years the company continued to acquire prime leases in numerous different locations around PEI and Nova Scotia. In addition to company owned farms, Atlantic Aqua Farms buys mussels from many third party growers with whom we have enjoyed long term exclusive relationships. After twenty one years, Atlantic Aqua Farms has emerged as the premier mussel producer in North America, but more importantly we are the high quality leader in the industry. We believed from day one that not all mussels are created equal. Our farming techniques, cleaning, holding, grading, packaging and quality control processes set the standard for the North American mussel industry.


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918 Brush Wharf Road
Orwell Cove, Prince Edward Island
Canada C0A2E0
(902) 651-2563

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