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Ocean Wise

The Vancouver Aquarium is a non-profit society dedicated to the conservation of aquatic life. Overfishing is the number one problem facing the world’s oceans. Ocean Wise is a Vancouver Aquarium conservation program created to educate and empower consumers about the issues surrounding sustainable seafood. Ocean Wise works directly with restaurants, markets, food services and suppliers ensuring that they have the most current scientific information regarding seafood and helping them make ocean-friendly buying decisions. The options are highlighted on their menus and display cases with the Ocean Wise symbol, making it easier for consumers to make environmentally friendly seafood choices. The Ocean Wise logo next to a menu or seafood item is an assurance that the item is a good choice for keeping ocean life healthy and abundant for generations to come.

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Listings With Ocean Wise Certification


12411 Vulcan Way
Richmond, British Columbia
Canada V6V1J7
(604) 247-1266


Certifications: Ocean Wise

Categories: Seafood