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The ROC Business Sustainability Association is the only global alliance partner of the World Association for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) in Taiwan. It was established in May 1997 and was formerly known as the Taiwan Business Sustainable Development Committee. The purpose of the establishment is to assist Taiwanese enterprises to develop sustainable strategies, and to introduce the principles and related issues of international markets and research institutions in the field of sustainability, so that Taiwanese enterprises can develop sustainable development in line with international standards and play an important role in the global business value chain. The business scope of the association covers climate change and energy, greenhouse gas inventory, carbon disclosure (CDP) questionnaire, corporate ESG risk control, non-financial information disclosure, natural and social capital, sustainable finance, etc. At present, the membership of the association spans more than a dozen industry categories in China, and there are several large multinational companies and influential companies/organizations that are highly indicative of the industry. The promotion and influence of sustainable development in China are both as an important promoter. In order to promote a more comprehensive industrial environment sustainability, small and medium-sized enterprises are also actively invited to join in order to exert greater influence and realize the far-reaching sustainable value of Taiwanese enterprises.



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