Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Travel, Tourism & Lodging

What is the most sustainable way to travel?

Traveling can have remarkable adverse effects on the atmosphere by increasing pollution and carbon emissions. All vehicles used for traveling have different carbon dioxide emission levels; however, it is impossible to talk about emission-free travel apart from walking and cycling. Therefore, while thinking about the most sustainable way to travel, it is better to focus on responsible travel. Responsible travel is a term for encouraging travelers to make more sustainable choices to minimize the negative impacts of their travels. Therefore, considering your travel habits and preferences and making changes to them to reduce your carbon print for the next time you travel will be a good start to your sustainable journey on a personal level. 

What are the benefits of sustainable travel?

Sustainable travel helps reduce carbon emissions and air pollution. By traveling sustainably, you'll decrease the need for the world's non-renewable resources and drive the travel industry to develop more innovative and greener traveling options.

What is the greenest form of travel?

The greenest form of travel is, unsurprisingly, walking and cycling. However, it is unrealistic to expect everyone to walk and cycle to their destinations as these travel forms require time and planning. Focusing on responsible travel is a great way to reduce our travel's negative impact on the planet.

What are the benefits of sustainable tourism?

Sustainable tourism activities ensure that the tourism activities in the area benefit both the community and the environment. Sustainable tourism activities can also use their economic power to catalyze local developments and play an essential role in reinvesting in local regions.

What are the 3 main principles of sustainable tourism?

Environment, socio-economic benefits, and conserving cultural heritage are the 3 main principles of sustainable tourism. Sustainable tourism activities are organized to respect natural resources and wildlife. The sustainable tourism principles include how these activities affect communities living in tourist destinations and how those communities can benefit from these activities. Lastly, to keep tourism activities sustainable, it is a must to protect cultural heritage sites and keep the experience authentic. 

What is the difference between eco-tourism and sustainable tourism?

Eco-tourism focuses on educating visitors and tourists about nature and the environment. So you can think about eco-tourism as a specialized and organized tourism activity around nature and local surroundings. On the other hand, sustainable tourism is about minimizing negative impact and maximizing positive benefits to the environment and the communities that are involved in the tourism activities. In a general sense, all eco-tourism activities should be sustainable; however, not all sustainable tourism activities should be or are counted as eco-tourism activities.

What is sustainable lodging?

Sustainable lodging addresses any accommodation, hotel, resort, or rental that performs environmentally friendly, green, and low carbon practices. 

What are the benefits of green lodging?

Green lodging increases the sustainable practices within the hospitality sector and reduces the sectoral adverse environmental impact. Green lodging also creates an impeccable customer experience that leads to loyalty and word-of-mouth marketing. 

What is certified lodging?

Certified lodging proves the dedication of the accommodation to sustainable practices, which include conserving natural resources, reducing waste, lowering greenhouse gasses, and using sustainable materials and systems all around.

Why should my business care about sustainable travel?

Sustainable travel is what will protect the future of the tourism industry. Sustainable travel activities protect the tourist areas by limiting the overuse of resources and safeguarding wildlife and the local culture. This will help to pass on cultural heritage and natural wealth to future generations, considering cultural heritage and natural wealth are at the core of the tourism and travel industry.

How can Intengine help my business with sustainable tourism?

Intengine has an extensive directory of sustainable travel and tourism companies that you can pick to make your travels more environmentally friendly. You can also get detailed information about green lodging and global and local certification systems your business might need. If you are in a sustainable tourism business, make sure you're listed on Intengine's directory.