Sustainable Tourism Education Program (STEP)

Ecolabel is designed to recognize tourism providers that effectively manage the environmental, socio-cultural, and economic impacts of travel and tourism. Tourism providers receive Professionally Audited Eco-certified status and a 3-5 star rating, including a STEP (Sustainable Eco-Certification Program) Eco-certified Certificate and the appropriate logo. Tourism providers who opt to only complete the self-assessment may obtain 1 to 2 stars. Those who are successful will receive a Self-assessment Completed Eco-certified status, including a STEP Eco-certified Certificate and the appropriate logo. The Sustainable Tourism Education Program, or STEP, is a sustainability management program designed by the tourism industry. STEP is based on a framework that measures all aspects of sustainability for tourism businesses and serves as a practical tool for assessment, benchmarking and education. Participating businesses learn how to manage their triple bottom line more effectively by discovering how to effectively make an investment in sustainability. STEP begins with an entry-level self-assessment tool, and also offers businesses the opportunity to receive a globally recognized eco-certification. STEP requires independent, third-party verification of business practices.

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