Spiritual Psychotherapy (SP)

The Spiritual Psychotherapy Training Program recognizes that we are both human and spiritual beings holistically interconnected through body, mind, spirit and heart. Healing and transformation take place when we address both our dark and light sides. Following the Path of Emotional Healing and Self-Discovery we embrace our humanness and the darker aspects of our being. The Path of the Contemporary Mystic encourages us to transcend our egos, move into the light, surrender, go with the flow, trust divine guidance, detach, enter into the mystery and be of service. It is the ultimate goal to heal our duality, embracing and integrating both our human self and spiritual self. This transformation happens in our hearts, where heaven and earth meet in us. This program teaches the student the art of balancing both paths in their personal lives as well as in their role as psychotherapists. It has a strong base in emotional healing and experiential work, employing concepts from transpersonal and transformational psychotherapy, inner child work, relationship and group therapy, and the development of psychotherapy and professional skills. Energetic therapeutic techniques such as chakra psychotherapy and medical intuition are taught to provide additional tools for inner transformation. Transformational Arts has instituted program revisions and will continue further program adaptations and enhancements in an effort to meet entry-to-practice competency requirements of the draft regulation of the 2007 Psychotherapy Act. The Transitional Council of CRPO is completing work on an Educational Framework for training institutes which will review psychotherapy training programs.

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