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Sedex provides a range of tools, services, guidance, and training to help companies map and manage risks in their supply chain. We have over 50,000 members in 155 countries, across 35 industry sectors, including food, agriculture, financial services, clothing and apparel, packaging and chemicals. We have offices located in London, Reading, Santiago, Shanghai, Sydney, and Tokyo.

One of the biggest challenges facing companies is managing risks that come with the multi-tiered complexity of their supply chain. Mapping the supply chain and multiple suppliers through each tier makes it difficult for companies to be aware of the risks affecting their business. Using Sedex tools and services can help companies make informed decisions and improve their business performance across labour rights, health and safety, the environment and business ethics.

Sedex has 15 years of expertise operating in responsible sourcing and works with some of the world’s most recognizable brands and standard-setting organizations, such as the United Nations and Ethical Trade Initiative. We believe that working with the right information and technologies, a business can shape the future of global trade to have an increasingly positive impact worldwide.

Sedex Advance
Our Sedex Advance product is one of the largest collaborative platforms in the world for buyers, suppliers, and auditors to store, share and report on information quickly and easily.

For buyers, we make it simpler to understand how supply chains are performing and to identify and act on opportunities for improvement.

For suppliers, we make it easy to share information with multiple buyers in an agreed format. This frees up time spent on unnecessary duplication.

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