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Benefits of Membership: The Mining Association of Canada (MAC) has a strong presence in Ottawa and works with members to represent our industry’s interests to government and other important industry stakeholders.
Membership enables companies to:
¥ Be a part of a unified voice that promotes a strong and competitive Canadian mining industry
¥ Capitalize on MAC’s credibility with government and industry stakeholders to advance interests
¥ Obtain social license to operate through the Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) program
¥ Access MAC’s government and policy expertise, and large network of experts and partners
¥ Participate in committees and working groups focused on a variety of critical policy priorities
¥ Learn from and collaborate with peers in the industry
¥ Receive timely information on industry issues and MAC activities
Types of Membership: MAC offers two types of membership depending on the company’s type of business: full member and associate member. Note that memberships are at the corporate-level and not for individuals.
Full Member: Companies operating a producing mine or reduction plant, actively engaged in mining exploration, or holding 20 percent of the issued capital stock of such a corporation may qualify to become a full member, with the approval of the Board of Directors. Full members must have a mining presence in Canada, and must participate in MAC’s Towards Sustainable Mining (TSM) program. All full members are entitled to voting rights and may sit on the Board of Directors.
Associate Member: Companies that are not directly involved in the mining business, but supply products and services to the mining industry and support the aims of MAC are eligible to become an associate member. Associate members enjoy all the privileges of membership, with the exception that they may not vote on matters before the Board of Directors.

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