HeartMath Certified Trainer

Turn up the volume on what matters most in work and personal life by joining the global community of HeartMath certified trainers.

The HeartMath® Certified Trainer program provides organizational and independent trainers and consultants with the training and license to deliver The Resilience Advantage™, a best-in-class, the science-based workshop used by major hospital systems, Fortune 500 companies, the US Navy and private trainers and consultants worldwide.

The Certification Training

Step One - Receive four private pre-certification telementoring sessions delivered by a HeartMath Certified Mentor to prepare for the in-person program.

Step Two - Attend a four and 1/2 day, a four-night in-person training session that includes:
Instruction on best practices for delivering The Resilience Advantage workshop.
Overview plus Q&A session on the HeartMath science.
Instruction on how to teach program participants to use HeartMath’s emWave® and Inner Balance™ technology.
Small group coaching sessions with master trainers.
Receive training materials
Resilience Advantage trainer manual.
PowerPoint, including video and additional material.
A sample copy of the program participant guidebook(s) and pocket guide.

Step Three - Experience continuing education and connection
Membership in Facebook groups plus email news for regular program updates, new developments, and support.
A comprehensive Trainer Resources Website and Promotional Resources.
Articles and Marketing information.

Once certified, participants can deliver public workshops, or private workshops within nonprofit or for-profit organizations, including schools, community, and social service agencies, government institutions, hospitals, clinics throughout North America and in many countries elsewhere in the world.*

You also may elect to incorporate any of The Resilience Advantage™ modules, tools or techniques into your existing training programs.

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